Monday, January 21, 2013

when it's too cold to go out

 When it's 5 degrees F. and the wind chill is below zero,
I stay indoors.
I really needed to make a dreaded Wal-Mart run, but I'm putting that off.

So, I started a project today. Organizing my huge pile of cut-out recipes.
I cleared the kitchen table to use as my work space.
I took manila envelopes and wrote a category on each one...appetizers,
brownies, cookies, muffins, cakes, breads, chicken, pork, beef, vegetarian, rice,
potatoes, salads, fish, veggies.

 And I went through each and every recipe and got them into the appropriate piles,
and then stuffed the envelopes.
I threw out a lot of recipes, too. And I still have too many.

Are you working on any projects around the house?
This is just one of several for me. But it's a dent. 


  1. Smart girl. I need to do that. I find I keep going to my computer now for recipes.

  2. I did trek out today for about an hour, I was all bundled up and my nose didn't come out of my scarf! Very cold out there, I think tomorrow too! No I haven't started anything but I sure need to!

  3. Great project! If my recipes aren't organized I never use them.
    Stay warm, Mary Alice

  4. The great thing about January and February is that you get to projects like this that you have been meaning to do. It is cold outside and there is little you want to do so you do things in the house.

    I am just working on handwork and reading. I have an infection in my rib cage muscles so am not supposed to do much housework until it is cleared up. I had just cleared out a portion of my hutch which I will continue when I am feeling better. I am going to try and get a larger UFO (unfinished object) from my needlework done this month. That will feel good if I can do that.

    Hugs from Holland ~

  5. Hi Melanie! That is exactly what I need to do - organize recipes!! As you know from reading my last blogpost, I am trying to do a project a day. I'm afraid that one may turn into an entire week's worth of projects! haha I applaud you for tackling your recipes!

    Thanks so much for the compliments on our living room. We actually did have the loveseat so it faced the fireplace, with the wing chair next to the fireplace up until Christmastime, when the whole living room gets rearranged to make room for the tree! After Christmas, we just left that layout and put Mr. J's dog bed where the tree was. I may rearrange and go back to our other layout, however, as it seems to make more sense for our tiny little room.

    Thank you so much for your compliments on my artwork. Yes, I do a lot of painting and have an Etsy shop for my art posted on my sidebar. The original piece I have on my mantel right now is actually avaiable as a print in my shop.

    I hope you have a wonderful week!

    Donna @ An Enchanted Cottage

  6. I always feel so good after I've done an organizing project! I'm organizing my spice cupboard.

  7. You have my total respect. I am so dependent on Pinterest now I actually got rid of most of my cookbooks - except for the couple we have had forever and are falling apart!

  8. OMGosh! I so need to do this with my manila folder of recipes. Thank you for the inspiration! And, thank you for the visit and sweet comment at The Dedicated House. It means the world! Wishing you a pretty day. Toodles, Kathryn @TheDedicatedHouse

  9. Working on gathering paperwork for taxes, writing, sorting out our library so we can lay the new floor and making decisions about how to renovate the kitchen, the final room in our house that needs a reno. Lots to keep us busy in this cool season, as we wait for the warm weather to come back so we can spend long days working in the garden and sitting on our new deck. Good luck with your sorting!


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