Wednesday, January 16, 2013

thrifting treasures ~ part two

This is a picture-heavy post ~ you've been forewarned!
I've really been on a thrifting roll lately.
And I like to sometimes show not only what I found, but where I'm using those finds, too.
So settle in with your feet up and your beverage of choice - I'm drinking Yogi Green Tea Kambucha - my new favorite.

It was hard to photograph this glass bird - he looks more like a penguin
in the photo! He's much more handsome in person.

 He now nests happily on a shelf in my office, along with that pretty 
little floral oil painting I found the other day ~ which was featured here: 

Thought this was a cute now holds an assortment of teas on the kitchen counter.

 Even the side of the box is cute...

Another pretty little painting...

 which I used in grouping on the kitchen wall. And instead of putting more nail holes in the
wall, I used those trusty 3M Command strips.

When I stand back and look at the wall, it seems to me that it now needs some kind of
horizontal something-or-other to top off the grouping. Maybe a white ornamental piece?

I was thrilled when I found these sterling silver candlesticks!
Only $4.99 each. They'll be so pretty and shiny when I remove the tarnish.

 Here's the original price!

 I bought a set of six of these gorgeous Lefton dishes.
They're for my mom. Not sure whether she's going to keep them or try to sell them on eBay.
If I had a dining room (I only have an eat-in kitchen), I'd be keeping these lovelies.

The sterling silver coyote earrings are for a friend of mine, as she loves
jewelry like this. The funky pin is not for me to wear, but I could picture her on
a bulletin/inspiration board or pinned somewhere fun...

like on this vintage fan.

When I came home with this big basket and set it on the kitchen counter,
Monkey immediately jumped into it and had to investigate!
When I was carrying this basket out from Goodwill to my car, two women
in the parking lot commented on it. "Ooh, I want that basket!" And, "Someone found a great basket!" 

Household stuff...a two-slice toaster (which will make my son happy - we only had a four-slice
toaster which was too big to keep on the counter, so every time he wanted toast or waffles, he'd
have to drag the toaster out from storage, which wasn't exactly convenient); a Chef'n salad Emulstir (I make our own salad dressing and just kept it in a jar, but we'd have to shake the jar or mix
the dressing with a spoon every time we'd use it, which got messy); an onion chopper (was so happy
to find this, as my mini food processor broke a little while ago); and kind of out of place here...a lime green vase to go in my living room.

So here's the lime green vase - on the hanging window ledge display. I like how it picks
up the green in the picture above it.

Aren't these Swedish candlesticks beautiful? Found them for 99 cents each and the
candles for 49 cents. 

 Tchotchkes...loving the vintage bud vase (guessing that's what it is; I was drawn to the hand);
a little trinket box with lid; and the cutest little dish with a cat on it. I know I've seen this dish
online before and I'm thinking it was from Anthropologie, but I can't find it online now.
Anyone recognize it?

 Speaking of that little trinket box with lid, I am hoping someone can help me with this.
What exactly IS this thing? It has a slot in the side. I'm wondering why.

The bottom is marked Stowell.

Woo-hoo, another stack of books!

Oops, more books! Yarn Harlot is for my same friend that is getting the 
coyote earrings, as she's a knitter - and a reader.

Cute 99 cent bracelets for a friend's little girl, and a couple of $1.99 necklaces.
Not too sure about the beaded one on the right - it's not like anything I normally wear.
I'll try it when I'm wearing a plain black or blue shirt and if I don't like it, one of
my aunts who likes bold jewelry will be getting a little prezzie.

Pretty pink and silver bracelet. Just needs a little cleaning.

14k gold hummingbird earrings for a friend who adores hummingbirds and delicate earrings...

 Whew, that does it for now! I also found a few shirts for myself and a red Tommy Hilfiger sweater for my husband, but I didn't take pictures of those things.

 I would tell you that I'm going to stay away from
thrift stores for awhile, but a friend of mine asked me to go to Goodwill and
Savers with her next Monday. Do you think I said no? ;-)


  1. And I'm thinking we need to go thrifting together!! I am always on the hunt for small painting and they're so hard to find. Wow, you hit the jackpot with all these treasures.

  2. Wow~~ I really enjoyed seeing all your finds! Love great thrifting. The little jar with the slot in the side is for a roll of stamps! It's pretty for sure. Love how you find things for friends, I do that also. It's so much fun to give. I'm a big reader so I buy lots of books and you found some good ones! Enjoy your week!
    hugs, Linda

    1. You are absolutely right about the little jar being for a roll of stamps! I had emailed an antique expert friend of mine and that's what she said, too. Thanks for letting me know.

  3. wow Melanie- that is lots of finds. Have you ever thought about maybe doing reselling on Ebay?

    I think that mystery piece might be for rolls of postage stamps. and I just see that Linda said the same thing.
    My favorite of all your goodies is the tiny painting.

    1. Thanks for the eBay idea, Rhonda, but I don't want to be involved in that. I'm good at finding little treasures and for a good price, but that's where it ends. The thought of having to list things, find boxes, package things just so, making sure people pay, driving to and from the post office (the closest one is 6 miles each way), etc. just doesn't appeal to me. Put it this way: I've had some little things sitting downstairs to package up and mail to some long-distance friends...for Christmas! ;-)

  4. Oh, you got some good stuff! I keep hearing the siren's call to go to Goodwill, but am committed to not spending extra this month. You make it difficult!

  5. I love how you find a place and purpose for all of the fantastic things you find thrifting. I have a hard time visualizing things, like the wall where you put the coffee sign...perfect. I would never pass up those silver candlesticks, I am always looking for those. And books...sigh. Never saw one I didn't want. I am loving this new/used bookstore I found. Now I just have to read what I have so I can go back!!

    Have fun next week thrifting again! ;-)


  6. Wow, you really found a lot of cool things! I love that vintage fan. We have one similar to it that my grandma gave us. Still works and everything!


  7. Hi Melanie,
    I must be hanging out in the wrong places. I never come home with half as many nice things as you found. Nice Stuff!!! By the way Melanie, thanks for stopping by my blog. In answer to your question regarding the lamp --- I found the lamp in an antique store and then made the shade to compliment the style.
    Missy M

  8. You sure did good for yourself, I do love to thrift myself. The thrill of the fine is so exciting! I loved you books especially Anne of Green Gables, love the books and have the whole series taped from PBS, so perhaps we are kindred spirits. Yes go to GW and Savers - both great stores!

  9. Some really great finds =)
    I can hardly wait to go to the thrift store again!

  10. I agree, I think it is for stamps. LOVE the barn painting!! You got some great buys while thrifting.


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