Monday, February 27, 2012

this little light

Remember that little lamp in my kitchen - the one with the plain white shade?
I thought of adding some pom-pom fringe to the bottom of the shade
but then I realized that probably wouldn't look "right" in the kitchen.
So, while browsing the rick-rack options at the local Michael's store,
I found this flowered red trim and thought it was perfect.

Much better than plain, boring white!

Counter areas tend to be dark if you don't have any under-cabinet lighting ~
which I don't.
So, I added a little lamp to a corner to brighten things up a bit.
I think it looks pretty cute in the corner, even in the daytime.

I have three floating shelves above my fireplace instead of a mantle.
I play around with my decor and change things around often
and the shelves are no exception.
I saw the idea of using wine glasses as decorative items either in a magazine
or on Pinterest...can't remember which.
Anyway, I played around with the glasses and came up with this
arrangement for one of the shelves.
Not sure if I'm totally digging this look, but I'll live with it for now.

Here's what the three shelves look like...

How about candlelight?
I think it cozies up a room, especially in the winter.
This little table sits in my living room between the couch and chair.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

a little rearranging in the master bedroom - working with what you have

Our master bedroom is small - 15x12.
Even more of a challenge is the fact that we have a king-sized bookcase headboard.
 Needless to say, space is at a premium.

As for a nightstand on my side of the bed, I once
used one of those cheap, round plywood tables and covered
it with a white tablecloth. Voila - instant nightstand.
Got tired of that and used a small, dark wooden table for awhile. that I look at this table, it would be really cute
painted in a pretty color. Say, turquoise.
(Oh, and ignore the gross, old carpeting. This room obviously needs a total makeover!
Time and money.)

Now my nightstand consists of my grandma's marble table
with a vintage suitcase on top of it. The beautiful lamp (not the shade)
belonged to my grandma, too.

And then remember in my post from February 10
where I showed the vintage silver plated dish with the blue sea glass in it...
and said the dish needed something underneath it?
I placed this white cotton runner to soften the look. Much better, right?

And here's the proverbial elephant in the room - the king-sized bookcase headboard.
We bought this bedroom set from my aunt 27+ years ago when we first got married.
It is solid oak and very well made, but like I said, the pieces are way too large
for our small bedroom - and we're tired of it. I plan on contacting a furniture
resale shop soon and seeing if they'll buy it from me. 
Once I get all the furniture out of the bedroom, I can then paint the walls,
have that disgusting carpeting ripped out and hardwood floors put in,
and start buying new pieces of furniture.
I want to do something really cool and creative for a headboard ~
like an old iron gate or doors, or even moldings and paint on the wall
to make it look like a headboard. We'll see!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

mushy stuff

 May your heart and home be filled with lots of
L O V E...

Not just today ~ Valentine's Day ~ but always.


Friday, February 10, 2012

new pretties

Green sea glass (eBay) in a vintage dish...

Vintage Valentines on display in a mirror...

Hand-painted in Mexico owl (resale shop)...

(Love the detail on the back of the owl!)

Tiny blue sea glass (eBay) in a silver and glass dish that belonged to my grandma...
(Silver bangles from Mexico)

I need to polish the silver ~ and perhaps put some kind of fabric underneath
to anchor it...maybe a vintage hanky.

Orange crackle glass little pitcher from the local antique mall...

Cheers up a gray, ugly view...

I'm normally not drawn to any kind of Asian decor, but I saw this clay
sculpture in a nearby antique shop and was intrigued by it.
The lady told me it's made by totally by hand - no tools of any kind.
The artist "pinches" the clay to make the tiny pieces and uses his/her
fingernail to carve the lines. Cool!

Lastly, a little heart-shaped box with English violets ~ also from the local
antique mall. I'm really drawn to these English violets lately...

What's new in your home? Are you drawn to vintage items like I am?
Unique art? Please share!