Saturday, February 18, 2012

a little rearranging in the master bedroom - working with what you have

Our master bedroom is small - 15x12.
Even more of a challenge is the fact that we have a king-sized bookcase headboard.
 Needless to say, space is at a premium.

As for a nightstand on my side of the bed, I once
used one of those cheap, round plywood tables and covered
it with a white tablecloth. Voila - instant nightstand.
Got tired of that and used a small, dark wooden table for awhile. that I look at this table, it would be really cute
painted in a pretty color. Say, turquoise.
(Oh, and ignore the gross, old carpeting. This room obviously needs a total makeover!
Time and money.)

Now my nightstand consists of my grandma's marble table
with a vintage suitcase on top of it. The beautiful lamp (not the shade)
belonged to my grandma, too.

And then remember in my post from February 10
where I showed the vintage silver plated dish with the blue sea glass in it...
and said the dish needed something underneath it?
I placed this white cotton runner to soften the look. Much better, right?

And here's the proverbial elephant in the room - the king-sized bookcase headboard.
We bought this bedroom set from my aunt 27+ years ago when we first got married.
It is solid oak and very well made, but like I said, the pieces are way too large
for our small bedroom - and we're tired of it. I plan on contacting a furniture
resale shop soon and seeing if they'll buy it from me. 
Once I get all the furniture out of the bedroom, I can then paint the walls,
have that disgusting carpeting ripped out and hardwood floors put in,
and start buying new pieces of furniture.
I want to do something really cool and creative for a headboard ~
like an old iron gate or doors, or even moldings and paint on the wall
to make it look like a headboard. We'll see!


  1. Changes like that do take time, but now that you have a plan in mind, I'm sure you will make it happen. Your headboard is so big! We don't have one -- I just hung a framed Indian quilt on the wall above our bed, and then some framed handpainted fabric prints from India above that. I do like the look of old doors or gates. Hope your weekend is a good one. Tammy

  2. Yes, no matter how high quality the hand-me-downs are, they still weren't chosen by you, for you. Time to let someone else enjoy it and get creative! I see the little table in white, maybe with the spindles painted in other colors?

  3. Hello, I made my way to your blog a week or so ago through the Cozy Little House blog. Our bedroom is also very small. We don't currently have a headboard, but I would love to have one. Your headboard is rather large but it would be adorable painted a light baby blue with chicken wire covering where the glass is :) Can't wait to see how the side table turns out!

  4. Melanie ~ thanks so much for stopping by and lending support ~ I love your way of thinking ~ I call it "shopping the cottage". Love your blog and I am going to follow along ~ thanks again

  5. I was brought back to my childhood when I saw the mirrored tray you have in your bedroom. My mother had that and maybe even still does. Love the 'new' table that you are going to make a nightstand.

    Jos turned a piece of vintage iron fencing into a headboard for me and I have to say that it was well worth it. We both love our unique headboard. He attached it between two pieces of hardwood and I had to make finials since I could not find them. You will not regret it if you use your imagination and create a unique piece!

    Hugs from Holland ~

  6. It all looks so nicely put together. I love the runner and doily. Whenever I go to a garage sale or our local antique market that is one of the first things I look for.

  7. We have a King in a small room too. We sorely need a new bed and are looking for one. We are getting a queen now as we used to have one and didn't mind it.

  8. You've done a great job. I too have a king in a small room and it's been a challenge. I needed to hear the "work with what you have" comment for myself!! Thanks for the inspiration.


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