Monday, November 28, 2011

my house must have a vacany sign - and more Goodwill finds

 I think animals know that I am a "sucker" and will take them in.
Zippo, my 12-year old cat, showed up on our doorstep when he was about four months old. 
Then, in August 2010, Clementine also showed up on my porch.
(Monkey - yes, that's his name - is her baby.)

Late last night, I looked out my front door, and there was a dog on my porch!
I was talking to him through the screen and he didn't run away.
Tim went outside to see the dog and the dog jumped on him and
started licking his face.
Oh. No.

I couldn't just leave the dog roam free, especially at night when he was more
likely to get hit by a car or attacked by a coyote.
And it was SO cold last night.
I also couldn't bring the dog into our house because of the cats.
So, I put the dog in the garage and gave him a fresh bowl of water
and Thanksgiving leftovers (turkey, ham, sweet potatoes, and green beans!)
I had a little doggie bed in the basement, so I put that in the garage,
along with some newspapers - so that hopefully, he'd use those for
his "business".

Doggie was certainly glad to see me this morning. Look at his sweet face!
I brought him inside and put him in one of the bathrooms,
as I felt sorry for him in the cold garage.
I had to take Monkey to the vet, so I inquired there as to what to do about the dog.
They advised bringing him in so they could scan him for a micro chip.
He did indeed have one and the vet called the owner and left a message.
They kept the dog there in a kennel and told me they'd let me know if the
owner called to claim him, otherwise they'd call Animal Control.
I was so happy to hear from the vet's office later, that the owner did indeed
call them. Yay!

On another note, I made a quick stop at a different Goodwill store today. 
I only found a few items this time, though I did get about six books.
I really don't need any more Christmas decorations, but I couldn't resist
this tin Santa.

I also have a thing for pottery and have started a small collection.
I liked this little pitcher because of the cheery yellow flowers.

My best find was this beautiful Paragon tea cup and saucer for only $1.99!
I don't think whomever priced it realized the value of Paragon.
My mom collects tea cups and saucers and one of her favorites
is Paragon, so I'm giving this to her. :-)

The only thing I couldn't figure out about the tea cup was this strange gold
lettering (ESOR) on the bottom of the cup.
Anyone have any idea what it could mean?
I did a Google search, but didn't come up with anything.

Have a lovely day ~ and please get your pets micro chipped if you haven't
already done so!

Friday, November 25, 2011

thanksgiving family dysFUNction

I feel like a lazy, beached whale today.
I ate too much food last night, along with a few glasses of wine...
then came home to have two of my aunt's amazing cream cheese brownies.

Today, I've had all kinds of leftovers (mostly carbs), two pieces of another aunt's
wonderful apple spice cake that went perfectly with morning coffee,
movie popcorn (I saw The Muppets!), and some M&M's.

Can you tell I've fallen off the Healthy Food Wagon?

So, yesterday we had Thanksgiving dinner at my mom's house.
She lives in a small townhouse and there were 17 people and 3 dogs.
One dog pooped in the floor because she was nervous.
Another dog bumped into the table and knocked over the red wine,
which landed on the cream-colored carpet.
My 91-year old great aunt, who has dementia started
freaking out and shaking and demanded she wanted to go home.
Just another family holiday.

 Cousin Greg opens a bottle of wine...

The 3 famous bad dogs
(the ones with four legs and fur).
OK, that was really bad. I think I've all the carbs have gone to my head.
L to R: my sister, Laura with her dog, Phobe; my Aunt Suzie
with her dog, Penny (Phoebe & Penny are sisters); and
my mom, with her dog, LuLu.

Niece, Hannah showing me her pumpkin dessert.

My mom has a knife and she knows how to use it!

Recipe for a happy family Thanksgiving:
Take unresolved issues and soak in alcohol.
(From the TV show, Modern Family)

Saturday, November 19, 2011

what's new saturday - and a couple of great finds for the guest room

You all know me and my treasure hunting, especially at Goodwill...

So, how cool is this green pitcher? It's hand blown Blenko glass, which retails for
$44 - and even sells on eBay for $40. I paid a few dollars.

I think it looks really pretty on display in the living room...

I also found this TracyJoy bag. Love the colors. But, please tell me...
does this look like a purse? Because I looked online and found that this is really a camera bag! They are pretty pricey and I got this for $4.99, but I thought it was a purse! Can it pass for one?

Confession: I did pay too much for this pretty little butterfly tray.
This wasn't a Goodwill find. It was from a consignment shop.
Oh well, I really like it ~ and it can be used on top of this vintage suitcase,
or on a dresser top, or even propped up on a shelf.

Today, I went to the antique mall by my house in search of a nightstand for 
the guest-room-in-progress.
I got lucky and found this beauty...

I'm still playing around with the decor. I think I'll add a little dresser scarf 
to the top, and then a pair of red wooden candlesticks. 
The calendar is just there temporarily.

 Also, on my Goodwill expedition yesterday, I picked up 
this wicker chair for $15. Originally from Pier 1.
I'm going to put the bookcase downstairs and put the chair
in the corner instead. When I finally get the desk in this
room, the chair can then be pulled over by the desk when needed.
Otherwise, it'll be perfect for stacking some quilts
or simply to sit on and watch TV.

Now that Black Friday and Cyber Monday are coming up, I've
been keeping my eye out for a great deal on a 32" LCD or 1080p TV.
Yep, this guest room is starting to shape up!

 As always, thanks for visiting. :-)

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

some new finds - and a new vignette

 One of the many things I have a fancy for is vintage pictures, especially botanicals.
Found this latest framed beauty at my favorite shop (Goodwill).
This shelf arrangement is one of three above my fireplace, as I don't have a mantle.
Mama and baby canary figurine is Goebel, W. Germany.

I so wanted to make a lovely tablescape on my kitchen table today, 
but it just didn't happen. The first step would've been to iron a tablecloth.
First of all, ironing tablecloths isn't my idea of a good time. 
Secondly, the tablecloth only ends up looking good for a day or two,
as food or drink gets spilled on it, plus a couple of naughty kitties
love to jump on the table and lie down like they own the place. I'm forever
taking a lint roller to the tablecloth to pick up all the cat hair.

All I managed to do is make a centerpiece. I found this glass piece at 
TJ Maxx for only $4.99. Filled it with a soup bean mixture (Trader Joe's)
and stuck a pillar candle in the middle. It's a start!

How do you like this cute bird? Another one of my obsessions "fancies".
Of course, it's also a Goodwill find.
I ordered this book, "Decorate" from Amazon, thanks to a birthday gift card
from my mom. Got it a few weeks ago and haven't even looked at it yet!
From what I've read from other bloggers and online reviews, it's fantastic.
Can't wait to delve in.

Found this unique glass and iron (?) house at _______ (guess where?!)
The back has a little door that opens up - I'm assuming you can put a tealight in there.
There's a sticker on the bottom of this house that says it's made in the Philippines.

Another gorgeous picture find at Goodwill. 
This one has the artist information on back that says it's black and white
photography that is hand colored.
I have it hanging in the main bathroom, as the purple walls
pick up the purple in the flower.

 Now for the new vignette. Previously, I had a bunch of framed pictures
on top of this table, leaning against the wall. 
I think it looks a bit "cleaner" with just three of the pictures and 
the candelabra. The two pottery bowls in front were made
by my son, Tim in his college ceramics class.

Thanks for visiting - and happy thrifting and decorating!