Friday, November 25, 2011

thanksgiving family dysFUNction

I feel like a lazy, beached whale today.
I ate too much food last night, along with a few glasses of wine...
then came home to have two of my aunt's amazing cream cheese brownies.

Today, I've had all kinds of leftovers (mostly carbs), two pieces of another aunt's
wonderful apple spice cake that went perfectly with morning coffee,
movie popcorn (I saw The Muppets!), and some M&M's.

Can you tell I've fallen off the Healthy Food Wagon?

So, yesterday we had Thanksgiving dinner at my mom's house.
She lives in a small townhouse and there were 17 people and 3 dogs.
One dog pooped in the floor because she was nervous.
Another dog bumped into the table and knocked over the red wine,
which landed on the cream-colored carpet.
My 91-year old great aunt, who has dementia started
freaking out and shaking and demanded she wanted to go home.
Just another family holiday.

 Cousin Greg opens a bottle of wine...

The 3 famous bad dogs
(the ones with four legs and fur).
OK, that was really bad. I think I've all the carbs have gone to my head.
L to R: my sister, Laura with her dog, Phobe; my Aunt Suzie
with her dog, Penny (Phoebe & Penny are sisters); and
my mom, with her dog, LuLu.

Niece, Hannah showing me her pumpkin dessert.

My mom has a knife and she knows how to use it!

Recipe for a happy family Thanksgiving:
Take unresolved issues and soak in alcohol.
(From the TV show, Modern Family)


  1. Ha-ha! Your post made me laugh. Everyone has a Norman Rockwell image of Thanksgiving Day but I doubt anyone has the perfect celebration. We don't do Thanksgiving anymore since all the friends I celebrated with in years past moved away, plus I don't eat meat. All the turkeys were bought up this year so that many were left wondering what they would serve. Happy weekend wishes to you and yours, Tammy

  2. Sounds like family dinner at the Leja's, plenty of dysFUNction there too! But I miss it anyway. We don't bother traveling there anymore, just no time for it with my work schedule for Black Friday. I miss my kids and grandson though. Like you, I'm not a big meat eater, so it's all about the carbs on Thanksgiving! Back to the diet on Monday, I've lost 17 lbs already!

  3. How fun!! I love the picture of your mom holding the knife! So funny!


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