Tuesday, November 8, 2011

some new finds - and a new vignette

 One of the many things I have a fancy for is vintage pictures, especially botanicals.
Found this latest framed beauty at my favorite shop (Goodwill).
This shelf arrangement is one of three above my fireplace, as I don't have a mantle.
Mama and baby canary figurine is Goebel, W. Germany.

I so wanted to make a lovely tablescape on my kitchen table today, 
but it just didn't happen. The first step would've been to iron a tablecloth.
First of all, ironing tablecloths isn't my idea of a good time. 
Secondly, the tablecloth only ends up looking good for a day or two,
as food or drink gets spilled on it, plus a couple of naughty kitties
love to jump on the table and lie down like they own the place. I'm forever
taking a lint roller to the tablecloth to pick up all the cat hair.

All I managed to do is make a centerpiece. I found this glass piece at 
TJ Maxx for only $4.99. Filled it with a soup bean mixture (Trader Joe's)
and stuck a pillar candle in the middle. It's a start!

How do you like this cute bird? Another one of my obsessions "fancies".
Of course, it's also a Goodwill find.
I ordered this book, "Decorate" from Amazon, thanks to a birthday gift card
from my mom. Got it a few weeks ago and haven't even looked at it yet!
From what I've read from other bloggers and online reviews, it's fantastic.
Can't wait to delve in.

Found this unique glass and iron (?) house at _______ (guess where?!)
The back has a little door that opens up - I'm assuming you can put a tealight in there.
There's a sticker on the bottom of this house that says it's made in the Philippines.

Another gorgeous picture find at Goodwill. 
This one has the artist information on back that says it's black and white
photography that is hand colored.
I have it hanging in the main bathroom, as the purple walls
pick up the purple in the flower.

 Now for the new vignette. Previously, I had a bunch of framed pictures
on top of this table, leaning against the wall. 
I think it looks a bit "cleaner" with just three of the pictures and 
the candelabra. The two pottery bowls in front were made
by my son, Tim in his college ceramics class.

Thanks for visiting - and happy thrifting and decorating!


  1. You have a lot of great finds from that favorite store of yours!! ;-D. I love botanical prints, too. I heard of someone who bought a lovely book of them and framed some pages. I thought about that and just may do it. Love your candle, very cute. You can change those beans our for most anything as the seasons and holidays roll on!

    Have a nice week, Melanie!


  2. I love all your pretty botanical prints and birdies. And the candle in the beans is a wonderful idea. One of my friends put her candles in coffee beans and that looked and smelled great. ( I don't drink coffee, but I like the smell.) I also saw a picture of candles in split peas... I loved the green look of that.

  3. Great finds! I love that bird. I've been wanting to peek in the decorate book before I order it and haven't been able to find it locally yet.

  4. Your GW sure has some great stuff! Love the botanical and all those little birdies. Glad to hear I'm not the only one with cat hair on the dining table. :/ Hope your weekend is great. Tammy (PS Kuwait is a dry country, so I had many nice cold beers while in Sri Lanka)

  5. such pretty photos! I like your new finds and I really like the pair of yellow birds in the first picture.

    hope you have a wonderful weekend.


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