Tuesday, February 14, 2023

hearts and love

I know I'm late in posting this for Valentine's Day because it's now evening, but I suppose it's never too late to send a little love to my blogging friends. 💓

I've always liked this holiday because it's non-commital. Brian and I exchange cards, but that's it. We don't buy each other gifts for Valentine's Day or go out to eat. Fill my car up with gas when it needs it? Make my tea in the morning? Now that's love. Though we do all have our own love language and maybe one of mine is gifts of service. (It's been so long since I've taken that test, that I can't remember.) I do like presents and going out to eat, but not on "Hallmark" holidays.

(Hearts made by various friends; photo by my friend, Hilary Packard.)

Brian doesn't get home from work until later this evening anyway, and he will be exhausted from his 12-hour shift. We'll have a little quiet time together before he crashes. 

A couple of other tidbits:

I treated myself to a lovely package of ephemera from Creative Yellow Pen. (You have to love yourself, too...and if one of those ways is buying yourself a present, then go for it.)

What a great haul! If you're at all into art or junk journaling, I highly recommend this etsy seller. She has sales, so watch for them.

To go along with the heart and love theme, this book. I'm an avid reader and admittedly, a picky one when it comes to fiction. Once in awhile I read a book that leaves me saying at the end, "Now THAT was good writing." This was one of those books. Beautiful prose, not a word wasted, intriguing plot, every character well developed. I never thought I'd like a dystopian novel, but this was so close to reality, it was frightening.

I'll leave you with this poem, from an account on Instagram.