Wednesday, March 10, 2021

clementine ~ and vintage shopping

Thank you all so very much for the good thoughts and prayers for Clementine. (See last post if you missed it.) Thankfully, she came out of her procedure doing well except for being feisty. They were able to clean her teeth using light gas instead of putting her completely under. A big relief so that her kidneys wouldn't have to process a strong anesthesia. As you can imagine, I am incredibly thankful to have my Clemmie back at home and doing well. She fell asleep on my tummy earlier today and even though I needed to get up and get things done, I relished the peaceful time spent with her. I know her life is limited due to her kidney disease. 

This past weekend, hundreds of vintage shops across Wisconsin and Illinois participated in a Vintage Shop Hop. I only went to a couple of shops ~ one on Friday and one on Saturday. From the first shop, I came home with this vintage recipe box. I loved the spring colors and graphics.

I also found this pair of salt and pepper shaker chicks. They're not vintage, but they were too cute to pass up. They go with my hen and chick butter dish that I found in a thrift shop years ago.

Saturday was beautifully sunny and getting warmer...I could smell spring in the air. I spent a few hours in a small nearby town, first grabbing a coffee from the local coffee shop and then taking a 1/2 hour walk around the town, soaking up the sunshine, breathing in the fresh air, letting my thoughts go...decompressing. 

As I was walking, this house across the street with the bright blue door caught my eye. Isn't it pretty? I never regretted painting our front door a bright yellow. A friend of mine painted her front door a bright green. 

After my walk, I popped into my destination. This shop I visited has a mixture of vintage items and handcrafted pieces made by the owner, Mary. I've been shopping at her store for years now, and we always chat, so I've gotten to know her. I hadn't seen Mary since before Christmas and I was the only patron in the store, so we had a chance to get caught up.

Mary's artistic ability goes beyond her handcrafted items. Her displays and vignettes are always eye-catching.

A few treasures came home with me, including this wooden pedestal. I might give it a little distressed look with a dry brush later.

This vintage wooden bird was up high on a china cabinet, but he caught my eye. He's handmade and his wings move up and down. Mary tied a rope around his neck to camouflage a crack in his neck from where she dropped him. I told her I didn't mind the defect. 

I have a soft spot for either red and white or blue and white kitchen decor. There were a bunch of these vintage milk glass spice jars, but I only wanted one. I've seen white vintage spice jars, but only smooth ones. I love the raised design on this jar. Right now it's on the ledge of my stove, in-between the salt and pepper shaker. I move things around all the time and change up decor, so one day it might be in my china hutch with other red and white items.

As always, thanks for visiting and for your lovely comments. They truly do make my day. 
Stay safe and well.

Monday, March 8, 2021

my darling clementine

LATER UPDATE: Clementine did well with her procedure and is home and doing fine! 

Hello friends ~ I will be back later this week to show you some things I got from vintage shopping this weekend, but I wanted to pop in last minute and ask you for good thoughts and prayers for my sweet kitty, Clementine.

Before I do...I have to share this photo from this morning. We're having a rare few days here in Illinois with 60 degree temps. Brian and I sat outside on the porch this morning in our pajamas, soaking up the vitamin D while we had the chance. I jokingly said to Brian that with our gray lounge pants and sitting outside in the sunshine, that we looked like nursing home residents that the staff just wheeled out. 🤣 But seriously...oh, how we miss this during our long, cold winters! You can see in the background that we still have some snow piles. I hope that with this few days of warmth (and some rain moving in), the snow will be completely gone. I walked around the yard the other day and was thrilled to see signs of daffodils, chives, and Jacob's Ladder poking their green shoots out of the ground. 

On to my sweet girl. She is going to the vet tomorrow morning to be put under anesthesia and have her teeth cleaned. Normally, not much of a big deal. However, Clementine has kidney disease. So being put under anesthesia is a risk. After talking to both vets in our vet practice, they both agreed that it's better in her case to take the risk. The tartar is so bad on her back teeth that it poses a risk to her kidneys. 

I'm nervous about her being put under anesthesia, of course. I have anxiety, so fear and bad thoughts run through my head. I am doing my best to replace those thoughts with good ones, but if you suffer from anxiety too, you know how hard this can be.

And if you're a pet parent, you also know how much love your heart holds for your fur baby/babies. So if you feel led, please say a prayer for my Clementine that she will get through the procedure without any complications. Positive thoughts sent our way will work, too!

Clementine and I thank you!