Monday, January 30, 2023

something for everyone at the antique mall

We have an antique mall less than two miles from our house, but haven't been there in about four years. The place is huge ~ three buildings filled with antiques. You need at least a few hours to wander through the buildings. A snowy day was the perfect time for a visit. Though it turned out that the mall closed early due to the snowstorm, so our visit was cut short.

Wandering around the mall, I noticed more mid-century modern items. This style must be "in" again, which is fine with me ~ I happen to like it, as well as antiques. I think you can successfully mix the two styles, as long as it's not overdone.

I happen to love these groovy lamps, though I don't have anywhere to put them. Besides, I have a white slipcovered cottage-style sofa in my small living room, so these lamps would definitely not fit into my decor. I'm picturing my childhood best friend's basement family room from the 70's...there was red shag carpeting and a black vinyl sofa. These lamps would've been perfect there!

There was a booth filled with vintage clothing...

and pretty glassware and tchotchkes filling a window. So many things to browse!

Another booth was filled with feminine, romantic decor.

For the man cave, an assortment of neon beer signs.

Another part of the mall had tons of collector childhood, figurines, Matchbox cars and records from the 50's - 80's. It's fun looking at all these things that bring back memories from childhood. I still have my plastic dollhouse furniture from the early 70's and I saw a metal dollhouse that was practically identical to the one I used to have that housed the plastic furniture. It was only $10! But what would I do with it and where would I put it? If I had a grandchild, I would've snatched it up for her/him to play with here. 

Love these milk glass plates. Each one had a different design.

This electric coffee pot caught my eye, too. It had a large chip at the spout though.

I was tempted to buy this jar, but the price was too high.

I came home with a couple of items not pictured. One was a birthday gift for a friend and the other a Pyrex bowl. I'll show you the bowl in my next post.

In the meantime, I'm dreaming of warm was -4 here today with the wind chill factor and will be -20 tomorrow morning. 

Have you done any vintage or antique shopping lately?

Tuesday, January 10, 2023

new year's day and new china hutch

Hello, friends and happy 2023!

As Brian and I do every New Year's Day, we took a hike in the nearby State Park. This year was the first time since we could remember, that there hasn't been snow on the ground. It was cold - 31 degrees F - but no breeze. The clean, crisp air actually felt refreshing instead of brutally cold like it had in previous years.

Since the park is closed on New Year's day, we only passed a couple of people near the walk-in entrance. Otherwise, it was like we had the 2200 acres to ourselves.

We ended up hiking 2-1/2 miles. I learned the hard way that I need another layer of clothing underneath my jeans. It took a long time for my thighs to thaw out!

Those of you who have been here awhile know that my large kitchen wall has looked pretty much like this for several years. We bought the skinny hutch when we were newlyweds from a furniture store in Long Grove, IL. It was perfect for our small townhouse.  We paid $400 for it - a lot of money back then. Now I'll be lucky to get $50 for it. When we moved into this house 32+ years ago, the hutch came with us and first was in the living room, then in the kitchen. It was more of a sentimental piece, but it served its purpose. I also liked the vintage three-tiered cart beside the hutch. It held my Dutch ovens, mixing bowls, and my coffee mug tree. However, the past few years I'd been wanting a larger piece of furniture for this wall to replace the cart and the skinny hutch. I wasn't sure exactly "what", but I had a hunch that I'd know the piece I was looking for when I saw it. it is! Right after Christmas, I was browsing FB Marketplace and saw this hutch. The woman had already lowered the price by $50. I messaged her and asked if she'd be will to go down another $50. She said yes, if I picked it up that day! Our kind next-door neighbor helped us move the skinny hutch down into our basement (now I need to try and sell it) and this new one into our kitchen.

The vintage tiered cart went into the basement for now too (don't know if I'm going to keep it to use somewhere else or sell it), so I replaced that with a little painted table and ZZ plant. The wall above the plant remained bare, since I didn't have anything in my basement decor stash that would fit in that space. I was running errands a few days ago and first was going to stop in Hobby Lobby to check out what they had, but then decided to try Goodwill first. I haven't been in a Goodwill in probably two years. I tend to stay out of resale shops for the most part now, since I rarely need anything. I've been more focused on donating to resale shops instead of buying from them. Anyhoo, I found this Paris art print and took the chance of it being the right size and looking good in this space. 

Love the detail on the front of the glass. And whoever painted this cabinet did a great job. The woman I bought the cabinet from said this piece was in her house when she moved in.

There's enough room inside to hold all my cookbooks, Dutch ovens, bowls, recipe boxes (they hold old hand-written family recipes), decor items and teas.

The drawer underneath the cabinet holds my dishtowels, pot holders, and extra kitchen decor items. I want to find some pretty paper to line the drawer and organize it a bit better.

Hope the start to the new year is going well for you. Thanks for reading and for your kind comments.