Monday, November 28, 2011

my house must have a vacany sign - and more Goodwill finds

 I think animals know that I am a "sucker" and will take them in.
Zippo, my 12-year old cat, showed up on our doorstep when he was about four months old. 
Then, in August 2010, Clementine also showed up on my porch.
(Monkey - yes, that's his name - is her baby.)

Late last night, I looked out my front door, and there was a dog on my porch!
I was talking to him through the screen and he didn't run away.
Tim went outside to see the dog and the dog jumped on him and
started licking his face.
Oh. No.

I couldn't just leave the dog roam free, especially at night when he was more
likely to get hit by a car or attacked by a coyote.
And it was SO cold last night.
I also couldn't bring the dog into our house because of the cats.
So, I put the dog in the garage and gave him a fresh bowl of water
and Thanksgiving leftovers (turkey, ham, sweet potatoes, and green beans!)
I had a little doggie bed in the basement, so I put that in the garage,
along with some newspapers - so that hopefully, he'd use those for
his "business".

Doggie was certainly glad to see me this morning. Look at his sweet face!
I brought him inside and put him in one of the bathrooms,
as I felt sorry for him in the cold garage.
I had to take Monkey to the vet, so I inquired there as to what to do about the dog.
They advised bringing him in so they could scan him for a micro chip.
He did indeed have one and the vet called the owner and left a message.
They kept the dog there in a kennel and told me they'd let me know if the
owner called to claim him, otherwise they'd call Animal Control.
I was so happy to hear from the vet's office later, that the owner did indeed
call them. Yay!

On another note, I made a quick stop at a different Goodwill store today. 
I only found a few items this time, though I did get about six books.
I really don't need any more Christmas decorations, but I couldn't resist
this tin Santa.

I also have a thing for pottery and have started a small collection.
I liked this little pitcher because of the cheery yellow flowers.

My best find was this beautiful Paragon tea cup and saucer for only $1.99!
I don't think whomever priced it realized the value of Paragon.
My mom collects tea cups and saucers and one of her favorites
is Paragon, so I'm giving this to her. :-)

The only thing I couldn't figure out about the tea cup was this strange gold
lettering (ESOR) on the bottom of the cup.
Anyone have any idea what it could mean?
I did a Google search, but didn't come up with anything.

Have a lovely day ~ and please get your pets micro chipped if you haven't
already done so!


  1. Oh Melanie! You and I must be in the same boat when it comes to animals. I like to think we are the chosen ones. I've rescued a chicken, dogs, cats that were thrown out or being abused. I feed street cats every day and have one living in my stairwell that I even put a litter box for. When I read about this sweet pooch and how his owners claimed him, I got goosebumps. Good news indeed! Love that tin santa and love pottery. The teacup will make a nice gift for your mom. Have a great week. Tammy

  2. Hi there, the lettering is the pattern number. It's put on before the item is fired. hope this helps. So pleased to hear the doggy finally found his way home! luv and Blessings from the UK

  3. I'm so happy that the pup was reunited with his owner. Too bad he wasn't wearing a collar with tags. You really did a good thing, that warms my heart!

    Love the sweet of you to give it to your mom. Our closest Goodwill is not close at all so I have never been to one. Seems like everyone gets good stuff there!!

    Hope you have a great day, Melanie!


  4. If I show up on your doorstep, will you feed me so well?! Cute, sweet puppy!! LOVE your Goodwill finds as usual. You must have a really good Goodwill in your neighborhood.

  5. Thank you for having a kind heart and taking care of the little creatures who show up at your house. Glad that the owner could be located. That is a very beautiful rose teacup. I'm thinking the gold mark might have identified the artist who handpainted the gold. I have seen other paragon pieces that have a letter (ABCDEForG) followed by a number... so maybe instead of ESOR it is E 50 R. ???

  6. Very cute finds....especially the dog! I'm so glad the story had a happy ending. I'm a sucker for strays too. We currently have a stray cat at the vet getting a wound on her leg fixed up. We couldn't just leave her out in the cold all injured! They're going to try and find a home for her and if not....well, we'll see! Hope you had a great weekend!


  7. I too am a magnet for animals.... I found my beagle on my way to Ohio one year! I think someone threw him out on this deserted patch of road.... So he went to Ohio with me and then came back to Virginia to live with me! I've taken in many many cats over the years - spending hundreds of dollars on fixing them or sending them over the rainbow(if they couldn't be fixed).....

    Glad your doggie story had a happy ending!

    I wish I had a Goodwill by my house that is like the one by yours! I never find anything at mine!

    Linda in VA

  8. Oh my! I have the same problem as you with stray animals showing up at my door. Glad to hear the dog was reunited with its owner. Thanks for stopping by my blog today!

  9. That is really something that wandering cats & dogs show up on your front porch. Bless your heart for taking him in. So he had an adventure. He spent the night comfy and fed and safe. I'm very glad there was a happy ending with the owner.

    Best Wishes,


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