Saturday, November 19, 2011

what's new saturday - and a couple of great finds for the guest room

You all know me and my treasure hunting, especially at Goodwill...

So, how cool is this green pitcher? It's hand blown Blenko glass, which retails for
$44 - and even sells on eBay for $40. I paid a few dollars.

I think it looks really pretty on display in the living room...

I also found this TracyJoy bag. Love the colors. But, please tell me...
does this look like a purse? Because I looked online and found that this is really a camera bag! They are pretty pricey and I got this for $4.99, but I thought it was a purse! Can it pass for one?

Confession: I did pay too much for this pretty little butterfly tray.
This wasn't a Goodwill find. It was from a consignment shop.
Oh well, I really like it ~ and it can be used on top of this vintage suitcase,
or on a dresser top, or even propped up on a shelf.

Today, I went to the antique mall by my house in search of a nightstand for 
the guest-room-in-progress.
I got lucky and found this beauty...

I'm still playing around with the decor. I think I'll add a little dresser scarf 
to the top, and then a pair of red wooden candlesticks. 
The calendar is just there temporarily.

 Also, on my Goodwill expedition yesterday, I picked up 
this wicker chair for $15. Originally from Pier 1.
I'm going to put the bookcase downstairs and put the chair
in the corner instead. When I finally get the desk in this
room, the chair can then be pulled over by the desk when needed.
Otherwise, it'll be perfect for stacking some quilts
or simply to sit on and watch TV.

Now that Black Friday and Cyber Monday are coming up, I've
been keeping my eye out for a great deal on a 32" LCD or 1080p TV.
Yep, this guest room is starting to shape up!

 As always, thanks for visiting. :-)


  1. made a killing! The pitcher is beautiful and what a deal! And I think the camera bag makes a cute purse. I really LOVE the nightstand. The finish on it is perfect...I would never think of painting it!

    You were lucky today. The wicker chair is another great find! Call me the next time you go out thrifting!


  2. Can I go treasure hunting with you? Love all your finds! Yes, it looks like a purse to me. But I suppose you could use it for just a camera if you wanted to.

  3. Lots of great stuff. I used to have that exact same nightstand but in an oak finish. And yes, I think the camera bag can definitely pass as a purse. Happy day to you. Tammy

  4. You've got some great finds, Melanie! Don't you love a good shopping day? I definitely think you could use the camera bag as a purse. I don't think anyone would be able to tell that it wasn't.

  5. have such an eye for finding the best bargains. Of course, you also seem to have a well stocked Goodwill to go to. We only have literal junk in our charity second hand shop. All this is wonderful. I adore that pitcher and it is perfect on the shelf with the books and other goodies! The nightstand is fabulous.

    Is that really supposed to be a camera bag? In the days of little digital cameras? I agree with you that it is a purse.

    Hugs from Holland ~


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