Monday, October 31, 2011

end of october thoughts

   Today loomed cool and overcast, but I was feeling edgy
and a bit "off" today. Wacky hormones? 
I also know that we're numbering the decent days to be outdoors.
And I need more exercise
especially since I sit at a desk all day, three days/week.
So, I headed to my favorite, peaceful walking place:
The State Park.

I actually didn't plan on walking so far, but the scenery was beautiful
and it felt so good to just

How long has it been since you experienced total silence?
To be somewhere were you could just...

Just you and your thoughts...
No ringing phones. No email.
No kids hanging on you.
No piles of laundry waiting to be done.
No work deadlines.

Out in nature, you are free to be anything you want to be.
There is no timetable, no judgment, no hurry.

Keep is everywhere.

Even in the worn out, old, and weathered.

Take time for yourself,
Beautiful Woman.
You deserve it!


  1. Melanie, Glad you had some quiet time away to think and enjoy the beauty around you. Your photos are beautiful. I agree that solitude is good for reflection and meditation, but I follow the buddy system when taking walks.

  2. I could almost smell the crisp air with you! Lovely photo's and very atmospheric too. I love the Fall, we don't have a Fall as such here in Florida so I live vicariously through other people's experiences! Thank you so much for sharing, Sally xx

  3. Oh Melanie, it's so beautiful there, just the kind of place where I'd also hang out. Great photos too!

  4. what a beautiful fall walk, just love the photos!!! esp the leaves in the water. very nice


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