Friday, October 21, 2011

new downstair decor

 As you might know from previous posts, our basement flooded in the spring of 2010
and we had to have it totally re-done. 
I decided to go with a completely different sort of look:

I also wanted to break out of my safe color rut, so I had the walls painted a pumpkin color,
and then chose a pale yellow for the stairway.
The TV stand, side table, sofa table, and floating wall shelves are black,
so I figured I wanted to hang things on the stairway walls that were black.

This black filigree "frame" used to be a mirror. I simply took the mirror out
and spray-painted the frame black. The empty frame with ribbon hanger - Goodwill.
And the cool, modern picture that matches the basement perfectly?
A friend's garage sale for just $5. I'm not digging the "Faith, Hope, Love" hanging though...
I think it looks too "country" for the downstairs decor.
Oh well, I change and play with decor all the time, so that will be changed out soon!

 You can see the painting better in this photo...

Another recent Goodwill find - these straw hangings (I have no idea what these are - any guesses?)
for only 49 cents each. I think they look really cool hanging on this narrow space
of wall near the utility room door.


Here's what I did to soften up the stark sofa table a bit - what do you all think?

I finally found the perfect rug from Home Depot for the sitting area.
It's very plush and wooly.

View of the sitting/TV area...

We found this picture at IKEA - I love how the orange in the picture "pops"
against the pumpkin colored walls. We also live in the Chicago 'burbs, 
so we happen to love this Chicago picture.

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  1. What a lovely spicy color! I imagine you were a little nervous at first, but it looks wonderful! I painted my utility room in the UK this color and it always cheered me up when I was sorting the laundry. You have made a wonderfully cozy and welcoming room. Thank you for sharing, Sally xx

  2. Hello Melanie
    when you first said it would be modern, I wondered how that work. well, it works great. You've made a very pretty, interesting and comfortable looking room.
    hope you have lots of occassions to spend time and relax in your beautiful room

  3. Your downstairs looks so inviting. (Hope there are no more floods!) The pieces that you have hanging on the wall look just like the Swedish straw ornaments that I hang on my Christmas tree every year. The straw, woven baskets, and the wall color all add warmth and comfort to that room to make it a very cozy place!

    You can see a picture of one of my straw ornaments on the tree here.

  4. You really did a great job! I love everything...from the plush rug to the framed pictures on the wall. Very nice! I can tell you like it!


  5. All I can say Melanie is WOW! It looks fabulous and you are not going to want to sit upstairs now. Well...maybe you will since I know your living room is beautiful too. :-) You did a great job and this room is so inviting now. Love the pumpkin color but then autumn is my favorite season.

    Hugs from Holland ~

  6. Mel,

    The downstairs looks gorgeous and inviting. I love your colors. Love the Fall leaves wrapped around the white birdcage!

    Also liked the pink and black "jelly beans" in the following post ; )



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