Wednesday, March 4, 2015

a whole bunch of this 'n that

Day 12 of bronchitis and sinusitis and I'm just now feeling well enough where I think
I can manage running a couple of quick errands this afternoon. I haven't been out of the
 house in 12 days except to go to the doctor! That's a record for me. I don't think I've ever
been housebound this long. And our weather continues to be very cold (below zero 
again tonight) and the ground covered in snow. If it were only warmer where I could open
 a window to get some fresh air or even sit out on the patio and soak up some sunshine.

 In the meantime, I've been relying on some natural remedies for my healing. I had mentioned
in my last blog post that the doctor had given me an antibiotic. I stopped taking it after three
days. Yes, I know you're not supposed to just stop an antibiotic and are supposed to take the
 full course, but I was having some questionable side effects. And yes, I did call the doctor to
 tell him about this and get his "OK" on stopping this medicine. Some of you know from reading
my blog that I am very much into natural health. I don't like taking any prescription medications
unless absolutely necessary. The warnings on this particular antibiotic alone were enough to
cause me to be concerned and scared - mainly, tendon rupture that could happen even several
months after you were done with the medication! Seeing I had a rotator cuff tear last year as
it was, I was a bit freaked out that I'd now have a chance of having that happen all over again.
Oh, and the side effects I was already having from this medication? Severe anxiety and feeling
 very hyper even in the middle the night to the point where I couldn't sleep. I also researched
  bronchitis and sinusitis and found that, in most cases, they're both viral. So, antibiotics won't
  do any good anyway. And both bronchitis and sinusitis can easily last two - three weeks,
sometimes longer.

 A friend of mine has extensively studied the healing properties of essential oils and passed
 on a few "recipes" to me. These are the only essential oils I have on-hand right now, but she
 was able to work with what I had. I thought I'd pass on one of my favorite remedies for a 
stuffy head:

Bring a pot of water on the stove to a gentle boil. Turn off the heat and add two drops
of tea tree oil and five drops each of peppermint, lavender, and lemon oil. (If you have
oregano and/or thyme oil, add two drops each of those.) Stir the oils into the water with
a wooden spoon. Hang your head over the pot of water (I find this easiest to do at the
kitchen table, sitting down) and make a "tent" to drape over your head and the pot so
you get the full benefits of the steam. Close your eyes and inhale deeply. I find this really
opens up my stuffy head and lungs...keep the Kleenex handy!

I won a giveaway from King Arthur flour! I received a copy of their new magazine, Sift
plus a bag each of almond and coconut flour. I've always been a fan of King Arthur flours ~
it's the only brand I buy ~ but I was dubious when I first heard about this new publication:
$12.95 for a magazine? I went through it last night and I was impressed. It's more like
 a softcover cookbook. The quality and photography is top-notch and the magazine is filled
with beautiful recipes and stories. I'd say it's worth the money. 

 I played around with hanging some pictures in the cubby area at the end of
the hallway.

 On the right side, I hung a trio of thrifted pictures with gold frames.

 On the left side, a vintage sorority paddle that Tim found in an abandoned
house that he photographed a few years ago.

I just took a look at our extended forecast and supposedly by Monday, it will
be 40 degrees ~ and 49 degrees on Tuesday! Maybe there really is a light at
the end of this dark, cold winter tunnel. Happy Wednesday, everyone.


  1. Glad you are feeling some better. Take it easy.


  2. I hope you'll feel perfectly well when spring finally comes!

  3. I know you must have done a lot of reading during your stay at home. We're talking books over at Java Talk. You're right. Viruses do not respond to antibiotics. Oh, I remember when younger and the doctor just handed you an antibiotic and you took it without question. Now I avoid them as much as possible.

    1. Yes, I did do a lot of reading. I'll check out your Java Talk topic - thanks. I was surprised this doctor so easily wrote up a prescription for antibiotics. I avoid them as much as possible, too. I haven't been on one in many years.

  4. We'll be warming up by the end of the week, so hopefully it'll find it's way to you shortly thereafter. Hope you feel better soon.

  5. Like you I avoid all western medicine. I also don't like to take antibiotics, for several reasons, one of which is I am allergic to so many... and want to leave whats ever left when i really need it for life saving. I've been battling sinusitis too, using homeopathic and doing acupuncture and Chinese herbs. Do you Neti Pot? it's a sinus saver, if you want any info let me know. Hope your feeling better soon, and I'll try the herbal oils, my Naturapath told me to use "eucalyptus" in the hot water.

    1. I'm allergic to a couple of other antibiotics, too. I agree that it's best to save whatever is left for when you truly need it - like when your life depends on it! I was using a netipot, but stopped after I read about some dangers with using one. I decided to take a safer route and am using a plain saline nasal spray. My friend told me to use eucalyptus in the water, too but I am allergic to eucalyptus.

  6. Hi Sweetie, I sure hope that you start feeling better very soon. Maybe your warm weather forecast will cheer you up and melt most of your snow away. I have to say something about your floor in the hallway . . . Gorgeous! A vintage sorority paddle . . . I wonder how many hazings that paddle played a part in? Cuddle up with a good book and take good care of yourself.
    God bless you,
    Connie :)

    1. I am so looking forward to seeing bare ground again instead of piles of snow! Thanks for the compliment on my hallway flooring - we have the same flooring in the living room and two bedrooms. Our bedroom will be next when we can afford it. I'd love to know the story behind that sorority paddle!

  7. Sorry to hear you haven't been feeling well. Doctors are too quick to prescribe medicine, especially antibiotic. I'm like you, if it isn't absolutely necessary, I'm not taking it. And I don't go to the doctor if I don't have to either. In fact, I haven't been in 2-1/2 years. It might actually be time for a checkup sometime soon. As a teenager I did steam baths for my face and would put all kinds of herbs in the boiling water. Sending warm wishes your way, Tammy

    1. I do have a yearly physical to check blood pressure, cholesterol, the swelling in my arm (I have primary lymphedema), etc. Thanks for the warm wishes.

  8. I hope you're all better soon. I can understand why you want to take a more natural approach because I do the same thing. I avoid the doctor at all costs, as you already know, unless things are really awful. Otherwise, I try to do the same kinds of things you do. Your hallway area looks very nice; that paddle is a really interesting find! I'm glad it's going to warm up finally, enjoy it.

  9. I am glad that you are starting to feel better, I hope that it continues and that today you are better than when you wrote this! xx

  10. What a bummer to be sick and inside so long, Melanie!! Sure hope all this runs its course soon and you're back to feeling 100%. I'm loving that red wall at the end of your hallway!
    Mary Alice

  11. Oh, do take care of yourself. I am glad you were able to get out of the house.

    Hang in there, spring and good health are coming!

    1. It sure is...and now my poor husband has my creeping crud!

  12. Hey Sweetie...just trying to get around. I want to say how sorry I am that you had this wicked bronchitis. I haven't had that for awhile but in years past, it always turned into asthma and/or pneumonia. Not trying to make it sound bigger than it is...I just have bad lungs. I hear you on the meds and I know tea tree oils and products are anti-inflammatory. I use products that include it such as lotions, soaps and even shampoo. You also mentioned not opening windows with the cold. This weather is quite effective in killing germs. I close the bathroom doors after opening the windows, that clears everything out. Unless it's below 20, I crack a few windows at night in rooms we don't use...just 1/8 of an inch. The cold weather airs things out and kills a lot of germs naturally.

    I wish I could get by more often...I'm so glad to hear from you on Instagram which I love. I've pretty much given up on FB...too many strange people from the past and my old hometown. Just don't need them knowing my business and I was never close to them anyway.

    We have a disaster at the lakehouse. I will post tomorrow. Say a prayer for us. It's bad.

    Jane xxx

    1. I crack the kitchen window once in awhile (if it's not below zero!) to air things out, but leaving the windows open at night?! Umm...can't afford to heat the outdoors! I read about the pipes bursting at your lakehouse...oh my gosh, I am so sorry.

  13. Glad to hear you're feeling better than you were on your last post.

    The end of the hallway looks great. I like the way you hung the pictures from large to small :)

  14. It's only in the teens right now, so it's very hard to believe that we'll be quite a bit warmer next week. They say we might hit 60 by the end of the week! But right now, I'm still in cabin fever mode. I've never stayed home as much as I have this winter, that's for sure. I'm glad you are finally feeling better! I bought my first essential oils today, so I'm going to see what to do with them. The first thing I want to do is try some of those Pinterest recipes for linen spray and salt scrub.

    1. Have fun with the oils - there's so many things you can do with them! I've made cleaning products.

  15. I hope you're on the road to recovery! I hate being sick. I don't like taking meds myself and usually I'm the 1 in a 100 that experiences side effects that no one else gets.

    Your red wall looks so pretty! I love those mirrors on it!

    1. You sound like me with the medication! Thanks for the compliments on the wall and mirrors - much appreciated.

  16. Hey Melanie,

    I hope you're feeling better by the time you get this comment! My head/neck pain is not subsiding and I'm starting to get paranoid. Also trying to limit my time online, but haven't really been disciplined enough. Your remedies sound quite effective and the scent must be relaxing, too. LOVE that shade of red in your hallway, and with the cool white, it's a dynamic and delightful duo!

    Take care!


    1. I am feeling just great, Poppy but I'm so sorry to hear you're not. I will send you a private email. Glad you like the red at the end of my hallway - the guy who painted our house tried to talk me out of doing that but I just knew it would look good. He had to put on six coats of red paint!


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