Monday, March 23, 2015

thoughts from the bathtub

Don't worry, there's certainly not going to be any bathtub shots in this post. Not of the tub itself (nothing of beauty - the thing is fiberglass and 27 years old) nor of me soaking in it. Yes, it was a soaking-in-the-tub kind of morning as I woke to a beautiful spring day of 25 degree temps and three inches of snow. Mother Nature sometimes gets a little confused around these parts. Anyway, you know how when you're in the shower or tub and all these random thoughts come to you? I really need to buy Aqua Notes so I can write down all my brilliant light bulb moments when I'm water-logged.

 Before I delve into what mindless drivel  thoughts lit my brain on fire, I thought I'd share some fun things with you first. Saturday was spent antiquing with my aunt. Our original plans were to visit a new-to-us vintage store in a neighboring suburb. I was all set to go and grabbed my coat, purse and umm...where were my keys? I then realized in a moment of panic that I had left my keys in Brian's car the night before when we went out to dinner. Problem was - Brian was at work! I called my aunt and she said not to worry, that she would just come out to my house and we'd go somewhere else. We ended up going to the antique mall by my house. How do you think I'd look behind the wheel of this truck? Just kidding - not my style at all. Now if I were posing by an antique Corvette, that'd be another story. 

 We both found a couple of fun treasures. I got this fun tray for $2. The colors were perfect for my kitchen.

 I put a 3M sticky strip on the back of the tray and hung it on the wall space between my upper cabinets and countertop. Adds a little bit of personality to the wall since I don't have a tiled backsplash.

 I also found a vintage framed owl print which now happily resides with owl friends in a bookcase in the family room.

After me and Auntie were done at the antique mall, we went to a privately-owned vintage shop in town. Auntie found the prettiest yellow metal pie safe which she is keeping on top of her fridge. She said she's going to store bread and snacks such as rice cakes and pretzels in it.

 I found two little antique planters: a pretty deer....

and a sweet chick and egg. I wish I had wide window ledges where I could line up a collection of these cute little planters.

 The thoughts I had while soaking in the tub were about blogging. I'm on a new Facebook group for a specific blogging group and we had a discussion about blog comments. Of course, there were different opinions on how to handle these. In all my years of writing this blog, I have always replied to comments underneath the comment itself - even if just to say "thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a kind comment." I realized that the person leaving the comment was most likely not coming back to see my reply. But I thought acknowledging comments was part of blogging etiquette. If someone asked me a specific question in a comment though, I would - and do - answer that question either on that person's blog or in a personal email.

 I would love to reply to every comment with a personal email, but I simply don't have time to do so. (Nor does any other blogger that I know of!)Taking photographs, editing them, uploading them to my blog, and writing and editing content are time-consuming as it is. I think the consensus was that if no one comes back to your blog to read your reply to their comment, why keep on doing it? True enough. Thus said, I'm going to stop replying to my comments just on this blog. This does not mean that I don't read and treasure every comment - nothing could be further from the truth! Comments mean everything to me. To know that people are taking their precious time to even read my little blog warms my heart ~ and reader comments are like finding an unexpected twenty dollar bill (heck, I'd even take a dollar) in my coat pocket. So, please ~ do comment!  In turn, I will visit your blog and leave comments and answer any questions you might've asked me. If you don't have a blog, I will send you an email if you have one listed through your profile information.

I've been working on and off on this post all day and now it's dinner-time. Seeing it's a cold, snowy evening, I think grilled cheese sandwiches and roasted pepper tomato soup sound mighty good.


  1. Wasn't that snow a surprise this morning? I was lying in bed and the woman on the local NPR station said there was snow in some parts of the listening area. I'm thinking flurries. When I opened the shade, well, there it was. I thought we were through with the snow shovels for the year!

    Nice finds at the antiques shops. I love looking even when I don't buy.

  2. Looks like you and your Aunt had a good time! I laughed about the Corvette. I had a 66 and a 67 years ago...wish I had one of them today. lol
    I hear you about commenting on the blog itself. It is pretty much a useless gesture as I don't know (personally) anyone that ever goes back to the same post to see if there is a reply. I do try to reply to people that leave me a comment but can't always do that either.
    Hope you have a wonderful week, Melanie. I found you through the over 40's group so that was a good thing that came out of there.
    We have snow coming this week, too...along with freezing rain..whoo hooo...just can't wait. (yes-I am lying). xo Diana

  3. Goodness, look at all that snow. I don't think the co.ment issue will ever really be resolved, but it was interesting reading everyone's thoughts. xo Laura

  4. I love the tray and owl print. Good thrifting.

    And yes, I certainly don't expect you to respond to my comments. A person simply would never find the time!

  5. Your day out with your aunt sounds like a lot of fun...and I love your finds! The tray looks perfect in your kitchen! We got walloped with snow last least it is melting quickly!

  6. I totally agree that it takes more time than most realize just getting a post ready. I always try to comment but don't have time to retread comments.

    Looks like you and your Aunt had a fun day and found some great treasures.


  7. If we still were having snow I would probably get into a hot tub and not come out until the snow melted. Bless your heart . . . I know that you are looking forward to Spring.

  8. Well boo on the snow. We're going to have rain tomorrow, and boy do we need it. Fingers are crossed that snow is done for the year here.
    I love that old truck. That is more my speed than an old corvette. LOL.

  9. Melanie,

    Everything here is beautiful, thank you so much for sharing and I love the snow photo as well. Here in Montreal, Canada, we have been getting some snow but more frigid temperatures than the snow. You have a lovely blog.

  10. Great to catch up on what you have been up to! I always go back and read comments of those people that I know reply, but I don't worry if they don't reply, nor do I expect a reply. Which is just as well because I had to give up replying to comments myself some time ago! xx

  11. I love all of your antique finds, Melanie. The tray is particularly nice and it looks great on your wall. You have to do what you have time for with regard to the comments. I used to reply to every one but I had to stop eventually. I just don't have time to reply to comments AND read others' blogs. I would rather do the latter. I do try to answer direct questions when I can, but I can't always get to that either. As far as I'm concerned, when blogging starts feeling remotely like a chore, it's time to change something so it's fun again. :)

  12. We've got more snow coming tomorrow, just when it was completely gone! Your tray is adorable, and your aunt's breadbox is charming, too! That vintage truck sure would come in handy for hauling furniture. :o)

    My blog comments go to my gmail account so I can respond to them easily and my replies go right to my reader's email. It is time consuming, though, which is why I don't post often. Between work and other commitments I don't have that many hours to spend on the computer, so I'm often torn as to whether or not I should even continue blogging. Right now I'm ready to take a break from it and hopefully come back with a renewed excitement about it all. I hope we all get a dose of spring weather soon!

  13. Hi, Melanie! That truck is an attraction, for sure, but not exactly what I would drive either. If I had my way, I would probably be driving a cute little V.W. bug! You found a lot of great items at the antique store. The little tole painted tray is really pretty. You are probably tired of the snow by now and if I got lots of it, I would be too, but I really enjoyed your picture of the white stuff, since we had only a mere flake or two this winter. Grilled cheese and tomato soup sounds perfect1

  14. Hello O40 blogging sister,

    I won't repeat myself, since I know you've already heard my opinion on the comment chaos, which I think has calmed down, now. So, I'll say a few words about your new treasures, which are all very pretty. I especially like the owl print, since it has been placed with wise and whimsical pals, with whom it can 'mingle', when mommy Melanie is busy cooking up her signature dishes, or modelling vintage cars!;))

    Hope you get some sunny, spring weather, my friend!


  15. I see we're in the same club. When I'm soaking in the bathtub, I find that I think a lot then, too. I've come up with new ideas and even solved quite a few problems that way... :)

    I used to reply to comments directly on my blog, but I also realized that most people don't return to the same post to check. Usually, when they come back, it's to see new posts. I love that tray, too. It's such a fun print.

  16. Wow.... talk about great minds... ;)

    I'm curious what the other bloggers on FB said.

    Anyway, you buy the truck and when I come across an old corvette, I'll trade you :)


  17. Melanie, I really like the tray you found and it looks great in your kitchen. I don't go back and visit blogs after I've been there. I barely have time to visit!! I agree that answering comments is good if you can and I try, but time is at a premium for all of us. I'm enjoying your blog.



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