Friday, March 20, 2015

thrifty nifties

Like most women, I like accessories ~ but I certainly don't want to pay full-price for them. I have a bunch of scarves and most of them were found at Goodwill and Savers. Can't beat the price of $1.49 for a scarf! I won't - and can't - pay $25+ for a scarf. I thought this one with the pretty shades of blue would be perfect for spring.

And this cotton navy and white eternity scarf is another good one for spring.

Ah...cookbooks. How I adore thee.  I love to cook and enjoy being inspired by new recipes. I don't hold on to all my thrift store cookbooks though. If there's only a few recipes that interest me, I just photocopy them and then re-donate the cookbook. That's what happened with the Chicken Dinners book. I've only gone through one of the Food & Wine books so far, and there's a lot of good recipes, so I think these might be keepers.

Is this not one of the most beautiful covered casserole dishes? It's made in France - brand name is Lourioux and the design is la faune, which is loosely translated as wildflowers. There is a small chip on the edge of the lid on the other side, but for $4.99, I didn't care. I looked this piece up online...someone has it listed for $100 on eBay!

Bowls in my favorite kitchen colors - aqua and red. The red bowls are made in Germany.

On Wednesday, my "oldest" best friend (we met when we were three years old and lived across the street from each other) came out here from Chicago to visit me. We went out to lunch and then we hit a thrift store. Cin found a gorgeous teapot and some toys and clothes for her little boy. I found this metal rack which was marked as a dish rack. I was dubious. It looked more like a mail or bill holder to me. I wasn't going to buy it but Cin said, "I bet small dishes would fit in it. It'd look perfect in your home!" So, I bought it. But guess what? It is not a dish rack! I tried different sizes of plates and nothing fits. I knew I could figure out something to do with it though, so for now it's serving as a book display. I can always spray paint it a different color, too.

Happy spring! Our weather is still wonky, which is to be expected. Sunday and Monday will only be in the 30's. I spied my first robin yesterday and now as I'm sitting here looking out the window that faces my back yard, I can see several plump little robins hopping all over the grass, pecking at the ground. Hooray for spring and happy weekend!


  1. Great looking scarves. it is fun to find those cookbooks and stuff at Goodwill. That is a great casserole dish(?) there,too. What a find that is!!! Hope you have a wonderful weekend- x Diana

  2. I have so many scarves Melanie and spend ages pairing them up with what I am wearing for the week. I do love the rack you were lucky to find and looks perfect with the books. Have a wonderful weekend xx

  3. As usual, you found great stuff! I love that casserole.

  4. You found some great stuff That covered casserole dish is awesome. I wouldn't have been able to resist that one either. I hopped over from the Over 40 Group:)

  5. Lovely scarves. I'm so glad you got to spend time with your childhood friend.

  6. Hi Melanie,
    I just found your blog and so happy I did! Seems we have many of the same interests ~ thrifty finds, cookbooks, the bundt pan is just like mine and baking bread is wonderful!

    Perhaps I shouldn't say anything but I read your dedication to Phil ~ such a beautiful tribute! My heart goes out to you. There's just no pain like losing a child or grandchild and of course, it's not the pattern of life. My almost 16 yr old granddaughter was fatally injured in a freak auto accident 6/21/13. The pain is horrendous although there are more good days now.

    I'm a new follower and I subscribed via email. Stop by and say hi when you can!


  7. It's so much fun to find great buys at thrift shops - and you really did well while shopping with your long time friend. The scarves are perfect for spring - I love wearing them now the old neck is getting rather wrinkled. . . . . . . . and also feels any chill in the air lately! The casserole dish is gorgeous!

    Good idea about photocopying recipes and then returning the books - they take up a lot of precious space and as you say we only use perhaps a few recipes from each one. I recently gave a bunch of books away to newly married granddaughter and a friend, both love to cook - I don't miss them at all!

    Happy Spring - enjoy your weekend Mel.
    Hugs - Mary

  8. I have a drawer full of scarves that I can barely close. :) Need to start wearing them more. I kinda go through phases. Hope things start to warm up for you over there. We are getting some rain here off and on. I don't mind quick showers, but definitely hope we don't have the flooding we did last year. Have a good weekend. Tammy

  9. My guess is the rack was made for CDs. I think it looks cute with little books.
    I haven't been thrifting in several weeks and you make me want to go soon.

  10. Popping over from Over 40 Bloggers on FB and our weather is wonky too and really just like winter still so no spring...I adore scarves too and that casserole is gorgeous. Wishing spring would settle in for all of us.


  11. Hi Melanie, You certainly scored big time :) I do not understand women who spend huge amounts of money for simple trends and fashions, just to donate them a few years later. I love the hunt of inexpensive treasure and when I'm tired of it . . . I can get my money back with a good yard sale :) I love those bowls . . . I'm kind of a bowl freak . . . there is just something about them that I adore :) Last week I visited our Goodwill and found a beautiful Lands End button shirt that is still in there catalog for $40 . . . I paid $3 and it is just like new. I'll be wearing it to church tomorrow and feeling quite stylish :)

  12. Those scarves are really pretty. You found some really great deals when you went shopping. That casserole dish is fabulous and the red bowls, too. I like your idea with the cookbooks that you don't use often. I have a few cookbooks that I've only used 1 or 2 recipes from. I'm going to donate them, too. Thanks for that... :)

  13. I always enjoy seeing your thrift store finds. I really like both of those scarves, they're great for spring. I buy scarves in the thrift stores too, it's such a better deal than buying them new. Your bowls are great too. I have plenty of bowls and no reason to buy any more but they always catch my eye when I'm shopping anyway. :)

  14. I love your scarves as I'm a big lover of blue; and I'm with you -- I won't pay $25 for a scarf. And the dishes are gorgeous. Plus I really like your idea of buying the cookbooks, copying the recipes you like, and redonating them. Great post; wish I'd been there thrifting with you.

  15. You have some great finds robins are quite fat as well! :)

  16. You found some really great stuff while out thrifting. Love the scarves and that casserole dish is fabulous!!
    Mary Alice

  17. Well you are a pretty good thrifter and found some really great stuff. I love cook books and still buy them and now don't have any room for them, so I'm weeding them out. I like you have found some great scarfs at GW. Saver's is my linen store. You know what's funny Mel, I never think of myself as crafty?


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