Saturday, January 26, 2013

a little getaway ~ and a new piece of furniture

 Just got home last night from an overnight getaway a couple of hours north 
in Cedarburg, Wisconsin. We stayed at The Washington House Inn ~ a lovely, historic
building that is now a B&B.

We got up there late Thursday afternoon and basically hibernated in our
room until the next morning. The weather is really cruddy (read: cold, gray, snowy)
and just the thought of having to dress up a bit, then bundle up just to go out 
somewhere for dinner, didn't appeal to us. So we brought our own snacks with us
and had a simple dinner in our pajamas! We brought chicken salad, pub cheese, crackers,
cut-up veggies, nuts...and little bottles of wine!

Truth be told, I got a little bored. I can only take so much lounging in bed, watching TV,
reading, web surfing, and snacking ~ before I start getting restless. I told Brian that I felt I should be getting up and doing something...getting the laundry out of the dryer or unloading the dishwasher!
I even missed my kitties. I'm such a homebody.

Yesterday morning, I did enjoy a nice whirlpool bath and the breakfast the inn
provided was delicious...fresh fruit, homemade muffins and pumpkin bread,
yogurt, cereal, granola, bagels, and a cheese and sausage strata.
Cedarburg has wonderful little stores, coffee shops, and a winery but again,
the weather was so cruddy that we didn't feel like walking everywhere. We went to
a few shops and stopped for coffee (a hot mocha with Irish cream for me!) and tea (for Brian),
but that was it. We were too full from breakfast to go out to lunch.
I just had to take a picture of this hysterical sign at one of the shops!

 One of the shops we went into was a furniture consignment shop. Brian was actually
the one who spied this beauty right away and said, "This would be perfect for the end of
our hallway!" I agreed, but the price was a little high. The store clerk saw us looking at this
piece of furniture and told us he could bring the price down since it had been sitting there almost
two months. We asked how much and we were pleased with the final price, and it actually
fit into the back seat of our little Corolla.

Brian was right - the table fit perfectly at the end of the hallway and I love
the character in this piece. I've been looking for a gold sunburst mirror
to put on the red wall for awhile, but they're either too big or too expensive.
I've had my eye on one from Pier 1 Imports but it's been out of stock since
before Christmas. I went online today and supposedly the store by me has it back
in stock. I'm going to run up there either later today or tomorrow to see if that's true! 
(Crossing my fingers.)

We still had much of the day ahead of us and were wondering what to do,
when Brian suggested we stop at the Public Market in Milwaukee on the way home.
It's a really cool place with a lot of food vendors, a fresh seafood market, and a wine bar.
We picked up a couple of fresh, organic sandwiches at Green Market and sat in the wine
bar. I tried a glass of Grenache (Spain) wine, which I'd never had before. Delicious!
I wanted a bottle of it to bring home. Good thing it was only $10. Not bad for a good bottle of wine.

 Even though it's good to get away once in awhile, there's really
no place like home, is there? Any other homebodies out there?

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  1. I am a complete homebody. Jeff is too but not as much as me. He is already planning a vacation for us after his surgery. I will like the vacation but if we never went anywhere, it would be fine with me.

    I really like that table and how it looks in your hall- nice find!

  2. Yes, Melanie-I love home!! I always have-all of my assorted treasures, the chair that fits me just right! A cozy light, my bed!
    Oh and the sign has me smiling!

  3. I am a homebody as well! I so understand your feelings. This little table is perfect at the end of your hall!!!

  4. I'm a homebody =) I love being curled up on the sofa with a cuddle cat and a good book.
    Sounds like you had an amazing trip!
    Cute table!

  5. The table is gorgeous! I bet you never thought you'd come back with a piece of furniture! It sounds like you liked the inn. And it's great that you brought your own private picnic! I was thinking of you on Thursday, it really was cold here. And Friday the snow...did it snow there? Obviously we didn't go...I'll explain later. But I really wish we had. Cold doesn't bother me, especially if we are ducking into shops and dilly dallying around in coffee shops and bars to pass the time. The place you stopped at in Milwaukee sounds fun...I have to make a note of it. I know you're glad to be home but wasn't a change of scenery nice? You can tell I have cabin fever! lol!


  6. We just got home from a trip and I agree, there is no place like home. The cottage we go to on the West Coast of Canada has become our "second home" and we are very comfortable there. But there is still something comforting about our own bed, the familiarity of the street and family.

    Thanks for sharing your lovely trip pictures!

  7. What a nice choice of furniture there. I get mine from because I never want to waste any money on faulty or cheap furniture. When it comes to furniture, I see them also as an investment rather than just a display. Their quality and functionality means a lot to me whenever I try to find a new one or a replacement.

  8. I am definitely a homebody! Love your furniture find - it looks striking at the end of your hallway. My sister used to live in Wisconsin and she loved Cedarburg. Unfortunately, I never got there and I'd love to visit some day.

    Thanks so much for joining in this week!


  9. What a sweet post! It could have been written by me :) I love B and B's, especially those wonderful breakfast foods, and my dream is to own one. We would have done the snacks and wine also and sometimes that's our dinner even here at home. Great furniture find. I've seen some of the sunburst mirrors at TJ Maxx and they weren't too expensive, but it's always hit and miss treasures at that store.

    You are talking to one big homebody and her big homebody husband!

  10. I'm definitelly a homebody and a country pumpkin too. We went to a mall near Zurich yesterday and Huff! there were so many people. I was glad when we were on our way home. :-) Have a nice week! Regula

  11. Well, despite the weather, it sounds like a nice little getaway. I heard my favorite word in there several times ... WINE! :) I am definitely a homebody -- I barely left the house over the three day weekend. That little table is perfect in your hallway. Best wishes, Tammy

  12. Love your table! I think it's such fun when you find the perfect thing when you're away on a trip - you have a wonderful something that always triggers memories of your fun trip.

    Happy week to you!

  13. Great little table! It's got beautiful lines. I can totally see a starburst mirror above. Hope you were able to get one.

  14. Hi, I'm with you! Perfect little table, sweet hubby, no place like home. Penny

  15. Sorry your trip turned out to be a little cold. But that table made everything worthwhile! I love the shape of the legs.

  16. I wasn't always a homebody, but now that I'm at home, I'm getting back to it. I often feel like a hermit, but that's because the weather is lousy in the winter. Wait till spring, I'll get out more!


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