Tuesday, January 8, 2013

a pretty new find ~ and more tweaking

Look what I found at Hobby Lobby!

The colors are perfect for my living room and you all know how
I love birds in my decor. It was also on clearance ~ bonus.

I took down the little pictures I had hanging on the wall by the front door
and hung the new bird picture there instead.

Then I tweaked the console table.
When I had hubby hang the gold mirror on the wall, I thought the placement
was going to be perfect. Turned out it was hung too high. Oops.
So, I try to fill in the wide gap between the bottom of the mirror and the top of the table
with taller items. I "shopped around the house" and took the two white candlesticks
and glass pedestal from the buffet area, and the white dome with the bird nest in it
from my office. I'm thinking for more of a permanent fix, of buying a long
floating shelf and putting it underneath the mirror.

The middle shelf of the console table was looking too boring and brown.
So I added a little blue dish (remember my previous post about me using touches of blue
in the living room?) and a pretty bird candle that I recently found on clearance
at TJ Maxx to brighten things up.

Here's the whole shebang ~


  1. I love your birds and touches of blue!

  2. I like how you elevated everything to close up the space a bit. Never thought of putting a lamp on books and it looks pretty! I love your picture, too, I bet you got a great deal. I am going to fiddle with my mantel tomorrow, it's completely bare right now!!



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