Wednesday, January 30, 2013

library nook

 Last month, I showed you the library area in my basement.
It merely consisted of overflowing bookcases and a rug.
I mentioned that I needed a small table and a couple of chairs in that rug space.

 No money spent - I went shopping in my own house! I remembered we had our "old"
 kitchen table and chairs stored away in the unfinished part of the basement,
 so I had Brian dig them out. 
I dusted them off - and voila! I think this looks much better.
I also added a lamp on top of one of the bookcases to cozy the space up and provide
more lighting if we want to play games down here or look at books.
The chairs still need cushions though; will look around for those.

See the white wainscoting on the left where there's a space blocked by a drawing?
That space is actually a built-in fish tank. When we moved into this house 22 years ago,
the previous owner had saltwater fish in the tank. We had no idea how to take care of them
and he left no instructions, so the fish died. We've never used the tank for anything since then!
I suppose I should put on my creative thinking cap and maybe come up with something
like an artificial terrarium or something. 
Any ideas?


  1. You had that dining set unused??? It is beautiful and perfect for that spot. You will end up spending creative time there or enjoying a good read in the cool basement in the summer I would think. Great library nook!

    Hugs from Holland ~

  2. This looks like a really nice, comfortable space, Melanie! The table looks beautiful and you really have a great collection of books. Hmmmm...I have to think about the fish tank thing.

    Surviving the cold?


  3. that is a beautiful dining set- so glad you found a space to use it. Do you like to work jigsaw puzzles? that table looks like a perfect spot, or maybe your kitties would rearrange them all.

    That is so neat that you shopped your house and got a great end from it.
    No ideas on the built in aquarium, that is a new one to me.

  4. Some ideas for the fish tank:
    1. showcase collected shells or other keepsakes from vacations.
    2. layer colored sand and add artificial plants for a desert diorama.
    3. treat like a mantel or end table by adding a clock, vase, artificial flowers, picture, or anything you'd like.
    4. display decorative items for the seasons or holidays.

  5. That table is just perfect! What a great area!

  6. What a cozy nook for working jigsaw puzzles or playing cards. Maybe you could read up on how to keep fish and use the tank as it was intended. I've never had an aquarium but I've heard that fish have a very calming affect on their owners. My niece turned her aquarium into a cage for a snake - I don't recommend that! Terri has some great ideas. Good luck! -- Jan

  7. This is a very cozy reading nook, or game playing or crafting? Terry seemed to come up with some great ideas for inspiration. Being it's glass, this might be silly but how about a droped in bar center? OK crazy. Seem where my mind goes. The table is perfect. Thanks for your kind words about our Bo passing, it was appreciated.

  8. Great extra space in your home! If you have electricity behind the fish tank, I'd pull it out, frame it in with lighting to use for something else. Maybe a snack area, coffee bar, wine bar....

  9. So many times it pays to shop our own house. Love that you now have a library!


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