Saturday, January 12, 2013

hit the thrifting jackpot ~ part one

I had cabin fever yesterday and was in the mood for thrifting.

I know ~ surprise, surprise.
Instead of hitting my usual Goodwill store, I went a little further up the road to check
 out a new Savers store. I was really impressed by the organization and cleanliness, 
though their prices were a little higher than Goodwill.

Found some fabulous stuff ~ and this is only part of it!

The colors on this vase are perfect for my living room - bright blue and, ta-da -
the lime green I've been looking for! The bottom of the vase says it's hand-painted in Thailand.

 I like this stainless steel utensil holder better than the plastic one I had.
The plastic one always seemed to get little crumbs and stuff caught in it.
Plus, this just looks better than the plastic one. Not that anyone is opening your
kitchen drawers and looking at your utensil holder. (Are they?)

Yay, more books!
Was especially excited about the Julia Child one, as I have a JC book collection going on. I already had As Always, Julia; Julia's Cats; and Appetite For Life.

I've had this little courtship thing with small vintage pictures
and thought this oil painting was quite unique with the raised flowers.

Displayed in my office...

I wore this Alfani cardigan (they carry this brand at Macys!) today with
a black shirt and light pink scarf.

Don't these Valentine chocolates look extra pretty in the
glass dish with sterling silver trim? The silver was tarnished, but it only
took a few swipes of my silver cloth to clean it up.

I'll be back in a couple more days to share the rest of my treasures with you!
Have you had any luck with thrifting lately?



  1. You did find lots of goodies! The vase looks really good in your living room. :)

  2. very nice finds! I have not been thrifting, unless you count that habitat store yesterday with the potty planters, since before Christmas and now I want too.

  3. Loving your thrify finds. The little flower vase is so beautiful. Your pussy cats are adorable too!

  4. Boy, you found some great things! You are inspiring me. I haven't been thrifting in a while and it looks like I need to get out and do some!

    Thanks so much for joining in this week!


  5. Honestly, its a shame you don't live here in Massachusetts. I went out to my favorite consignment places yesterday and thought how I wished I had someone who wanted to go with me. My weakness has become consignment shoes. If I find a pair of shoes that are a good brand that fit well, I simply can't resist. Grosses Bill and Sophie out completely. The pair I bought yesterday were Keen. They don't look like they've ever been worn!

  6. So many great finds! The books and oil painting really caught my eye!

  7. You did hit the thrifting jackpot! I love that little picture you found. It looks great on your shelf!

  8. Lots of great finds! I love thrifting and finding bargains for my home and always books!!

    hugs, Linda

  9. Melanie, I think I've been to that Savers store you visited. You're right, the prices are slightly higher than Goodwill but I can usually find something there. I like the section of really old books they have at Savers. Love the vase you found. That blue is a really pretty shade. And I agree with you about the silverware tray. I have a plastic one but would rather have one like yours.

  10. The little oil painting is very sweet. Aren't thrift stores fun to shop? You just never know when you will find the perfect thing for your home!


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