Monday, January 7, 2013

how to clean a stainless steel sink

If you have a stainless steel kitchen sink like me, then you know
how dingy and gross it can look, no matter how you clean it. I think I've
tried just about everything...baking soda, vinegar, disinfecting wipes, Trader Joe's
natural cleaner, bleach, Comet, Bar Keeper's Friend.

So when I came across a tutorial on Pinterest on how to make your stainless
steel sink really shine, I knew I had to try this cleaning method.

Here's my sink before. Not too bad, I guess. You can see some of the crud
in the ring around the drains. Eww.

Here's the after:

 A lot better, I think. This was several days ago and the sink still looks
pretty clean. I've just been maintaining it with the Trader Joe's cleaner.

Here's the tutorial in case you're interested in trying it:

Though I have to say, her sink looks much better than mine.

I eventually want to get a white cast iron sink. 
Do you have one? Are they easy to keep clean, especially if you have well water?

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  1. I have never had a stainless sink, but I do have a stainless faucet, so I can imagine the water spot issues. With a white sink you just bleach occasionally, or use a little scrubby powder to get erase the marks made by pots and pans. Seriously, in about 60 seconds each week your white sink looks great.

  2. PS, I am not on well water, so can't help with that question.

  3. I definitely know how dingy the sink can get. We even have metal cabinets in the kitchen (installed by the owner) and I can't keep them clean at all. No matter how much I wipe them, they still look dirty. Yuck! Have a good week. Tammy

  4. your sink came out fabulous!! I have a creme ceramic sink, and it's so hard to keep clean.It's hard to get the stains out.We just had to buy a new one. Hope this one is better.


  5. I think your scrubbed up sink looks really nice and shiny.

    we have a white sink and it is hard to keep clean, no well water though. I scour it well at least once a week, brush it with liquid dish detergent often and also use a clorox-type spray when it gets coffee or tea splashed in it.

  6. The after shot absolutely looks better! What I like about stainless steel sinks is they are durable and cohesive. Anyway, I read the blog you linked about the cleaning process and I definitely love it because it’s easy and cost-effective. :]

    - Carl Patten

  7. Nice! You really did a fantastic job in making your sink clean and shiny again! You can really see the difference between the two photos! You must’ve been really thankful for that tutorial. It was very simple yet effective!

    Alphonse Daigle


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