Saturday, December 1, 2012

the art of making things, scrapbooking, mixed media ~

Do you indulge?

I don't necessarily consider myself crafty, especially compared to a lot of you
out there in Blogland. I don't sew, knit, or crochet. I don't make my own
ornaments or Christmas decorations. I think that's why I'm especially in awe
of those of you who can do any or all of these things!

I do enjoy my papercrafting, however. I've made a few scrapbooks;
I sometimes make homemade cards; I'm working on a Smashbook;
and I've also made a couple of pictures using scrapbooking papers,
embellishments, and rubber stamps.

 I made this bird picture a few years ago.

 And this picture, I made a little over a year ago.
It's temporarily on top of my secretary desk in the master bedroom, leaning 
against the wall in a vignette setting.

 Do you do any crafting? If so, what kind? Do you make things 
for yourself or loved ones?



  1. Love the bird picture you made.

    I don't scrapbook but I like to use scrapbooking materials for other projects. Yes, I would say I'm a crafter :)

  2. Love your work! I've been into paper crafting for a little over a year now-- so enjoy it.

  3. You are definitely creative, Mel! I think your pictures would be called mixed media. Do you aver get Somerset can really find some great ideas in there. I used to make cards a lot, in fact last night I was looking for some glitter and things for a project idea I have and I couldn't believe all the paper and ribbon and embellishments that I still have! True, I never throw anything out!

    Hope you are having a great weekend! :)


    1. I look through the Somerset magazines all the time when I'm at B&N. I like the mixed media one, the blogging one, and the cooking one. At $15/each though, I only indulge in the cooking one! I have a lot of paper, stickers, embellishments, etc. - but it's all organized!

  4. Oh goodness, of course you are crafty! Look what you made! I'm crafty but hopeless at paper crafts!

    Thanks so much for joining in this week!


    1. Thanks, Claudia! You know I love the scarves that you make - they're so beautiful.

  5. You are crafty / creative for sure! Love your papercrafting ! :) Here's what I think ...for what it is worth. I struggle at sewing, but persevere. I am mediocre at piano..but I had six years of lessons as a child, was playing Beethoven at the end, and a bazillion years later I bought an old piano and try to just get back to where I was as a child.

    What does it matter. I please myself. I will never be a MASTER at either ( or many other things ) but if you do the best that you can on any given day on anything that is all that matters :) Follow your heart...

    1. Thanks so much, Debra. You are absolutely right!

  6. I used to scrapbook but haven't for a number of years now - I even belonged to a group and we had layout challenges and it was a lot of fun. I continue to make holiday cards (xmas, thanksgiving, halloween, easter, 4th of july) for several friends who enjoy handmade things.

    I keep reading about smashbooks on blogs and I don't really know what they are? I've been out of it too long.

    Before I got into scrapbooking, I embroidered for many years and I'm beginning to enjoy it again.

    Happy crafting to you!

    1. Hi Sally Annie ~ here's a great example of what a Smashbook is:

      Embroidery is beautiful - and a lost art, I think.

  7. I like your creations! I use to do more crafting. I hope to make some swap tags this year.

  8. I think papercrafting and scrapbooking is a lovely craft. There is so much thought and love in it. So don't underestimate your talent. I like your bird. Have a nice week. Regula

  9. It is easy to see where Tim gets his creativity from! Very pretty Melanie. I love your pictures and isn't smash booking fun?!

  10. Paper creations are my favorite, and you did a fabulous job. Love it!

  11. I like to paint, I like to paint people but sometime they look a bit odd most people like my houses or landscapes better. I also like to build things too but that's often a not so good but I try.
    I like your bid picture and did you do the blue bird under the mirror thats lovely too.

    1. No, I didn't make the bird hook under the mirror, unfortunately. It's just a piece I picked up in a little shop. :-)


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