Sunday, December 9, 2012

anxious on sunday night

It's 10 pm and my son just got in a car with two friends for a 12 hour road trip.

We live in northern Illinois and they are driving all the way to Gatlinburg, Tennessee.

I am excited for Tim, as the reason for this trip is that he's photographing
his friend's mother's wedding. Tim's passion in life is art - particularly photography - 
and that's what he's majoring in, too. This is his first "big" photography job.

But my mama heart is nervous with Tim traveling a long distance in a car, especially overnight.
He's my "baby" and since Phil passed away, my one and only. So I tend to be a
bit over-protective and extra-anxious, unfortunately knowing that life can end in a split second.

The cats have been anxious today, too ~ especially Clementine. Animals know their human
is leaving when the suitcases come out, and they don't like it. Clementine immediately
took up residence on Tim's suitcase.

You should've seen her face when he walked out the door. She was perched on
the ottoman in the living room with a very worried look on her face, just staring out the door.
The picture below wasn't taken tonight, but it's a recent one ~ and one of my faves of Clementine.

Well, my dear friends, I'm going to bed now and hoping to get some sleep.
I told Tim that when I wake up in the middle of the night (and that's inevitable, because I always wake up at least a couple of times, and now with him traveling, I'm sure I'll be up quite often), I will text him to see how he's doing.
I have contractors coming very early tomorrow morning to start on remodeling the bathrooms.
Since I haven't been working outside the home for 9 weeks now, I'm not used to getting up
so early (6 a.m.). I'm naturally a night owl and don't go to bed until midnight - 12:30, but then
I sleep in until 8 - 8:30. So, this will be a big switch for me this coming week - and maybe
into next week, too.

Goodnight. Sleep tight.


  1. Hi Melanie- I will join you in prayers for safe travel for Tim, I also worry when my children travel.

  2. I too worry about my kids traveling! I'll say a prayer for Tim.

  3. I'm sure Tim and his friends have made the trip just fine. Gatlinburg is such a beautiful place. I went there on my honeymoon with my first husband (November 1987). :) I always worry about my kids when they are out. And next year I will be leaving Yusef in the States for college. Yikes! Hope the bathroom remodeling goes off without a hitch. Best wishes, Tammy

  4. Melanie - Hope your son made the trip fine and hope you got some sleep. We never outgrow the worrying part, do we?


  5. Prayers for safe travel for Tim. Gatlinburg is not very far from me (3 hours). It's a really pretty part of our mountains. He will have a wonderful time. I did not realize that you were staying home now. :). Enjoy your remodeling!

  6. It sounds like a wonderful opportunity for your son, and I also know how hard it is not to worry when your kids are on the road. Saying a prayer for him. Your Clementine is the most adorable cat! I love her color.


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