Monday, December 31, 2012

new tabletop and wall vignettes

  I took down all my Christmas decor on the 26th!

I do that every year. While I enjoy the decorations when they're up, I sure get 
tired of them quickly. My famous saying the day after Christmas is,
"OK, Christmas is over! Down with the decor!"

It then takes me a few days to dust all the furniture, hunt in the tote boxes
in the basement for 'regular' decor, and play with vignettes until I get the look I want.

Here's the updated buffet area in the living room...

The shelving unit is still a work in progress. I'm not digging the top shelf.
Too much uniformity in height. Blah.
I got a new owl - the silver guy. Fifty percent off (Christmas clearance)
at Target. I don't think he looks too holiday-ish. Silver is pretty all winter-long. kitchen wall collage of frames! 
This is also still a work in progress.
I'll be putting another small frame in the vertical frame on the right.
 Probably something with texture instead of the plain, flat squares I have going on.
Hobby Lobby had some neat stuff, but I'm waiting 'til I get a coupon or it goes on sale.


  1. Dear Melanie, it's nice to freshen and change things up after the holidays. I like the touches of blue and silver is my favorite accessory for home and to wear (I much prefer it to gold). I like the frames on the wall -- especially with the little plate in the middle that adds a touch of color. Wishing you a peaceful, happy, healthy new year filled with wonderful possibility and opportunity. Blessings, Tammy

  2. Everything looks so fresh and pretty. Your touches of blue look great. I am loving those sweet little glass bluebirds. Happy New Year!

    Susie @ Persimmon Moon Cottage

  3. Well, if you need to spend more time taking down holiday stuff you are more than welcome to come to my house :) I have the boxes out, but only one room cleaned and redone. I still get really tired and need to sleep a lot so all the boxes are out and empty. Steve is happy to put stuff away but I need to control my boxes. That's really awful now that I type it out loud.....

    That silver owl is adorable! Love the painted frames and I'm thinking about something similar. Have 3 frames, sitting here taking up space, that Steve and I worked on for our daughter and now they are being "stored" in a family room. I think we may have to steal them back :)


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