Tuesday, December 11, 2012

christmas table runner

Jazzing up the kitchen table with a cute table runner found at Target.
I think I need a white tablecloth to go underneath the runner though.
Sometimes it's hard to find the right-sized tablecloth for this small table.
Will be searching in stores this week!

 Looks hand-stitched, doesn't it?


  1. That adds such a cheerful touch to your kitchen! I love the rick rack trim.

  2. Very cute tablerunner! It does have a handmade look. I like it without the white tablecloth as your table works so well with your kitchen cupboards.

    My quilt group Christmas party is tonight and I have been very busy. I see I have missed so much on your blog. Glad to hear that Tim got to his destination safely. Cats really do feel things. It looks like they did not want him to go.

    Hugs from Holland ~

  3. Very cute. I love that little somin' somin' that table runners add.

  4. That runner is really cute! I always have a hard time finding tablecloths for my table. It's oblong and I always forget which size oblong!

  5. It's a cute table runner, and look nice against your table. It does look hand stitched, you could tell someone you made it! I keep finding so many that find great pieces at Target, when I go, which is seldom i never seem to find anything....maybe it's because all you ladies get there before I do. Thanks for stopping by and liking my front porch.

  6. Cute table runner! Hope you're successful finding the right tablecloth.

  7. That is a cute tablecloth. I agree a white one underneath will really make it pop.

    Thanks for visiting my blog! So you are painting too? I figure it is going to take me about 14 working days to get mine done.


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