Monday, December 24, 2012

christmas eve musings ~ and the impact of red

 Happy Christmas Eve to all my blogging friends!

My husband is working today, so it's been a quiet day at Comfy House.
I am finally feeling better since having a bad cold and had that cooped-up feeling.
So I put on my winter coat and went out for a walk.
It's a gray day and the dry, cold air made me cough a lot again, but it
felt good to breathe that fresh air and move this body.

When Brian gets home from work, the three of us will have our own little
Christmas celebration with hor's d'oeurves and opening presents as Brian has to
 work tomorrow, too! Yep, there's those places that are open 24/7.
 Doesn't matter if it's Christmas day...hospitals, nursing homes, police departments,
 and fire departments are all open.
 (I'm sure I forgot some professions.)

It will be a bittersweet Christmas morning with Brian being at work,
and no little ones to be waking us at the crack of dawn like they used to.
We miss our oldest son every day of the year (for those of you who don't know,
he passed away three years ago), but moreso on holidays.

Moving on...I've always loved touches of red in decor.
Red goes with practically any other color and can really add that something to a room.
Red is warm and positive; energizing and cheerful.

My bedroom desperately needs a makeover and is the next room that WILL be done,
but for now the color scheme is light blue and white.
I nearly forgot that I had a quilt with primary colors packed away and that the
one side had little red and white checks. I folded it lengthwise and placed it
at the foot of the bed, then added a holiday pillow with a red bird on it.
Much better!

And, remember I was looking for a white tablecloth to go under my Christmas runner?
I couldn't find one in my table's size. I remembered that I had a vintage tablecloth
that I picked up at a resale shop a few months ago and...
it had red in it, so why not?

The white and blue plates are my wedding china - Noritake Ireland, Brambury pattern.
The little reindeer plates - no markings on the back. I found them at Goodwill.

Here's to a peaceful, safe, and healthy Christmas from my house to yours.


  1. Dear Melanie, I hope you are feeling much better today. It's a gray, drizzly one here. Perfect for cozying up at home. My husband is working -- around here it is just another day of the week, but I will be making a holiday lunch and giving gifts to the boys -- maybe some game playing, too. Merry Christmas! Tammy

  2. Melanie I know how hard it is to be away from family on holidays. I was blessed this year to spend the day with both of my daughters, my son in law and Grandson. This was a special day for me. Love the touch of red in your room. I'm going to do a makeover on my bedroom soon also. Sending you a big hug! Linda

  3. Melanie - Dennis was on call for Christmas. Still, he was home with us. I like your red in your bedroom and kitchen. I'm afraid I was not in the Christmas mood this year (since I have been sick) and did not decorate very much at all. Still, Christmas came. :)

  4. Love the little reindeer plate, he adds such a nice touch to your china!


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