Thursday, November 1, 2012

new goodwill finds!

 You all know how much I love Goodwill!

Here's the round-up from my latest excursions...

 A "log" votive holder ~ I stuck an apple in it instead of a candle.

This cute nesting hen was brand-new (still had store stickers)!

Love these hand-blown glass birds. I have a smaller one from years ago.
Artist's signature and year (1991) is on the bottom, but I can't quite make the name out.

Pair of rooster tealight holders - in perfect colors for fall and a
Thanksgiving vignette.

These darling little birds came in a package of six ~
all nestled in a little box. I kept three and gave three to my mom.
I have one under a cloche and one in a bird's nest.

 Oh no, another bird! I just might need some aviary intervention!
This white bird doesn't have any markings on the bottom,
but I still thought it was so pretty.

Rooster picture that will be great in my kitchen
when I rearrange with my rooster decor. 
(I change decor and vignettes often.)

Sorry for the glare (and my shadow) from the glass...
"Sparrows" painting by the Canadian artist, Valerie Pfeiffer.
There's not a lot of info out there on the internet about her,
and I only found a couple of her pieces for sale, but they are quite pricey.
I could try and sell this piece on eBay, but I like it so much that
I'm going to find somewhere to hang it in my home for now.

I normally don't buy used shoes, but these were like-new Aerosoles
and sooo comfortable!

A folk art cat painting...

A turkey tealight holder, perfect for Thanksgiving.

Last up, a pretty piece of pottery.
I've been drawn to pottery vases lately ~ need to dig out all my pieces
and make a new vignette! :-)

That's it for my treasure hunting at Goodwill for awhile.
Now that I'm not working outside the home, I have to curb my spending.
Even little things at Goodwill can add up.

My mom just rented a booth in an antique shop and I will
be helping her set it up next week. I will be putting some of my
things in her booth, too ~ so I hope this venture will be successful!



  1. What a good haul! I adore the glass turkey tealight holder; and I also love the blue glass bird that that faux birchbark tealight holder.

  2. amazing finds! you have a whole flock now, don't you?
    love the blue bird, I gave my mom a similar one for Christmas when I was in high school.
    love that sparrow picture.

    I don't buy "used" shoes but I will buy new shoes at a second hand store. Big difference, yours look great and would of cost $50+

  3. Those shoes were an amazing find they do look brand new! Love the little birdies too. You found lots of great things at Goodwill!

  4. You made out good, Mel! Did you have a cart with you? I love everything, especially the little brown and white birds. I NEVER have luck at Goodwill. We have one by the lake and hubby will never stop...he thinks we are stealing from the poor!! Truly, if I shopped everyday, my house would be more cluttered than it is. No stores, no spending $$. It's like being on a diet! The booth sounds like fun! How nice that you live near your mom. You must really be enjoying your free are posting more!! :)


  5. How do you always find such neat things at Goodwill? Did you find them all in one go too? I love the bark look votive holder. It made me think of our cottage when I saw it.

    It has been a busy two months for me with my Halloween high tea party to prepare for and making Christmas gifts. I now hope that November will be calm and relaxing and I can visit more.

    Hugs from Holland ~

  6. Just found your site. Love all your delicious find! The folk art cat has my heart. You are great at trolling!

  7. So what GW did you go to, the one in Lake Zurich? You really found some great things, but you scored with all the great birds you found. Love the one of the sparrows, I could never give that one up. You might be able to set up a bird shop! I love GW, and I wish we lived close. I visited the Lake Zurich GW when I was coming back from Elkhorn Flea Market in September. I'm in IL, but live in the Palos area. I enjoyed reading all your comments, and so sorry I didn't get back earlier, I really haven't been feeling well and my energy been low. Let's keep in touch neighbor!!!! It's great meeting you!

  8. Whoa Melanie, you scored big time! You've got some great pieces there. Enjoy!

  9. Melanie I love and would have bought myself everything you showed us! I have a collection of the glass bluebirds and they make me so happy. I'm a new follower and have been reading some of your past posts. I love your blog and you. We seem a lot alike: love cats, books, home and family. Big hugs, Linda

  10. Okay, the similarities just go on and on. Much to the dismay of my family, I love clogs (they worry about me becuase I occasionally fall out of or off of them! haha) And like you, I work from home and also l-o-v-e thrifting! haha... Donna


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