Tuesday, November 27, 2012

making it merry and bright

 I caved to the Christmas decorating pressure.

Said I wasn't going to start decorating for the holidays until the calendar 
said December.
It's a woman's prerogative to change her mind, right?

I don't decorate half as much as what I did in years past.
When your child is almost 22-years old (and your other child has passed away),
decorating for Christmas isn't as much fun anymore.

We don't put up a Christmas tree, but I do decorate shelves and
make tabletop vignettes with Christmas decor.
Here's what I've come up with so far (you know how I like to change things around)
for the ladder bookshelf in my living room.

The photo frame in the background holds pictures of the boys from
when they were wee ones. Tim made the Christmas tree when
he was in Kindergarten. :-)
The ornaments in the glass jar are just cheap ones from Target ~
found them in the $1 section this past weekend.

Some vintage finds from years past...love the sleigh, pine cone ornaments,
and the three little mice.

I tend to decorate just the living room and kitchen,
and sometimes put a couple of Christmas whimsies in the bathroom.
How about you...do you decorate bedrooms, too?



  1. I think your decorations are charming! I am going to go simple this year! A tree and some vignettes in the living/dining room will be it for me.
    hugs, Linda

  2. very pretty decorations- my favorite is the NOEL with the little birds nested in it.
    I've got the house cleaned and I may start Christmas decorating tomorrow but it might wait until next week too.

  3. Your shelves look very festive! I love the Noel. I usually decorate the living room and kitchen as they are open to each other, then I put a few things in the bathroom and some pops of red in the mostly white family room. Just one tree...that's all I can handle!


  4. Why does Christmas seem to come around so quickly? Didn't I just put away the decorations from last Christmas?? I decorate the Living Room and Dining Room, they are actually all one big room. A tree (smaller one this year than other years, (I understand its called a Pencil Tree??) and I put a few wreaths, Santas and of course Rudolph in the kitchen. Love your decorations, especially your ladder bookcase!! Love and Hugs, Nana.

  5. I love your decorated bookshelves! I also like to challange myself when decorating and use things I already have in different ways.

  6. Very pretty and those NOEL letters are wonderful!


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