Friday, November 23, 2012


for my mom - who came over early to help me with Thanksgiving Day preparations
(even though she froze because I had the window open)...

for a cool breeze while having hot flashes from cooking and mentalpause...

for my handsome, helpful hubby in carving the bird (my first one! - preparing and cooking, that is)...

for a small, intimate dinner setting in anticipation of a delicious dinner...

indeed, for the loves of my life...

for the bounty of food that God provides to nourish and sustain us...

for cute fur babies (my mom's dog, LuLu and Zippo)...

for my wonderful second-born son whom I love with all my heart...

and for the 21 years that I had my oldest son, even though it wasn't enough...

 I'm also thankful for you - my blogging friends.


  1. Dinner looks good, you said it was your first turkey, I've never cooked one that I can remember.

  2. Melanie sounds like a wonderful Thanksgiving! So much to be thankful for indeed!
    big hugs, Linda

  3. What a beautiful post! Thanks to you as well.

  4. Looks like you had a yummy Thanksgiving, Melanie, shared with the people you love! Your kitties are so adorable ~ funny how they can have such different personalities! Thanks so much for visiting me and your nice comment!

  5. What a endearing post Melanie! I too am thankful for you as a friend. We may have never met in flesh and blood but I feel like we have at times.

    We too have a small gathering each year but I still like to celebrate. Jos loves eating a Thanksgiving meal.

    I was thrilled to hear that you tried my pumpkin gingerbread and it was a hit. And isn't it easy to whip up? I want some again so might use some of my pumpkin for it. I have to bake the rest of my pumpkin tomorrow.

    Hugs from Holland ~

  6. Lovely post! I know what you mean about needing the window open! :-) Your turkey looks like it was a success.
    Mary Alice

  7. That looks like a very welcoming and loving way to spend a family meal. Take care, Laura

  8. What a wonderful Thanksgiving for you and your family! I love the napkin rings. They fit well with my "it's all in the presentation" motto and what better than The Loves of my Life. I Pinned it - hope that's ok.

    It truly was a day of Thanksgiving for our family as we looked back at our crazy year.

    Hugs, Marla

    1. Yes, it's fine that you pinned something from my blog. I'm flattered that you did so! :-)

  9. This is really a lovely post of thankfulness and what's really important in life, Melanie...XO


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