Thursday, November 15, 2012

living room re-do

 My OCD rearranging bug bit me again.

This time, I dragged up my grandma's beautiful Lane coffee table from the basement.
I have always loved the woodwork of this piece, as well as the scrolled legs.
I would love to re-paint the wood on this piece someday...
white with some distressing?
(That's Monkey on the rug, checking things out.)

I also took the turquoise wicker chair from the bookcase wall and
 placed it to the side of the coffee table.

 To fill in the empty space where the turquoise chair was, I
put a little side table (another piece of furniture that belonged to my grandma)
with a plant in its place.

As far as the two round, leather ottomans that used to be in front of the sofa,
I moved those in front of the window.
(Another kitty - Zippo - mugging for the camera. And speaking of kitties,
they love to use the ottoman as their perch to look out the window at the birds and squirrels!)
This space has always been so hard to decorate.
 Doesn't help that there's a vent in the floor right in front of the windows.
I've been imagining a little table and two chairs in front of this space...
like a bistro table.
I also desperately need curtains!
I've found plenty I like, but they're always the wrong size.
Ever notice that the standard curtain length is only 84"?
Well, I need about a 92" length. So hard to find. And I don't sew, so that blows that notion.
Any ideas?

Moving on the buffet area...
I was tired of the bowl of gourds and the typical fall colors that used to be there.
Since turquoise and bright blue are the general accent colors of my living room,
I brightened up this area with a couple of glass blue birds ~ and added two
white candlesticks and a white bird, too.

No space was left untouched. I then moved on to the console table that's right by the front door.
Shopping again in my basement, I found these two vintage pictures
and hung them up on the wall using 3M strips.
I think they fill in the gap between the table and the mirror quite nicely ~
and the colors in the pictures are perfect!

I used a framed leaf picture as a tray for a couple of little glass pitchers.

Next thing you know, it'll be time to drag out the Christmas decorations...
and I'll have to play with decor once again! ;-)


  1. It all looks great! Isn't it fun to re-arrange.

    The curtains in my DR were shorter than I liked so I added some contrasting fabric (they're toil & I added checks) to the top. Or you could ad some to the bottom. It's just sewing a straight line or you could use hot glue or fabric glue. Very easy!

  2. It is good to know that someone else loves to move things around I think it all looks great. I love your grandmother's furniture. I love wood and think it looks good as it is...white would take away from it. I agree the black iron legs on both pieces are fabulous. I agree with Manuela that it would be easiest to add a contrasting fabric to ready made curtains to make them long enough. It would make them custom for you too.

    Hugs from Holland ~

  3. Oh Melanie, I knew that once you got back home, you'd have even more fun working on your home! I don't rearrange much, once I buy something I love, I want to look at it a long time! LOL Everything looks great, as usual. I noticed you mentioned a burlap table runner in one of those posts, and thought you could easily just cut the burplap without sewing. The raw edges would look cool. How about hot glueing some ecru lace to the burlap? I saw it on Pinterest and it was a good combo.

  4. Such a welcoming room and I love that window shelf! Take care, Laura

  5. Melanie, I love that window shelf!!! So pretty!

  6. Everything looks great! I think we can all relate to moving things around all the time. I love the window shelf!

  7. I like to move furniture around a lot too, it's always good to give everything a good clean and with cats you get rid of all the fur that builds up behind things.
    My favourite is the turquoise chair what a great colour.


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