Tuesday, November 20, 2012

pretty pictures for the bathroom

 Sometimes, it takes me forever to find exactly what I have in mind for decorating purposes.

My main bathroom has dark gray walls with a black-framed mirror,
white floating shelves above the toilet and a white shower curtain.
I always loved the colorful towel that I found for this bathroom, and knew
I wanted to base the accent colors in this room from the towel.

 While browsing at Hobby Lobby, I found these two colorful flower prints.

 Can't wait until this bathroom is completely remodeled ~ which will be coming soon.
Everything in our two bathrooms is the original of the house, which is almost 25 years old!
The only things we're not replacing are the bathtub in this main bathroom and the shower
stall in the master bathroom, as we can only afford to do a little bit at a time.
But, I'm excited to have new sinks and vanities, new toilets, new lighting fixtures,
new doors and trim, and porcelain tiles ~ instead of disgusting, old vinyl!


  1. Love the pictures and how they brighten up the bathroom!

  2. pretty bathroom, I really like the black frame on the mirror.

  3. Those pictures are made for the towel...very bright and cheery! I love tweaking the bathrooms, just a little touch goes a long way!

    Are you making Thanksgiving dinner? Are you ready for the big day? I should be baking but I'm bloging instead! lol!


  4. The prints look great in your bathroom. Love the mirror too.

  5. Hi Melanie;

    We did the bathroom reno work in our 1967 era home about 15 years ago. Yellow fixtures to white. I was so relieved to see the last of that yellow. Big job though. Thanks for visiting and I am following.

    Thanks for adding my blog to your Beautiful Blogs. I've added you to my Blogs Roll 4 List.


  6. Those are so cute and go so perfectly with your towel!

    I hope you have a lovely Thanksgiving!

  7. I almost thought it was Robin's blog today Melanie...lol. She always loved using lots of color so it made me think of her. The prints are perfect with your towels. Black always works. Your mirror is so nice.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and Brian!

    Hugs from Holland ~

  8. We're a lot alike. I search and search when I have something in mind. For my downstairs half bath, I wanted a black and white picture of some kind. I looked online endlessly, but ended up making sepia toned prints of some of my own lighthosue photos, and it was exactly what I wanted. And those towels in your pictures above? Yeah, I have the exact same towels in brown, in the upstairs bath!


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