Tuesday, November 13, 2012

always tweaking - more kitchen updates

One of my latest Goodwill finds was a small wine rack.

Perfect size for a kitchen counter.

The wine rack was a dark rust color, so I simply spray-painted it white.

I was getting tired of my table centerpiece with squash and pumpkins,
so I traded it for wine corks and candles.

And then my fridge was looking way too cluttered...

So I cleaned it up by finding a new home for the cat food and my son's
protein powder that were stashed on top of the fridge ~ and added some cookbooks
and a white rooster. I also removed
unnecessary papers and magnets for a cleaner look.

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  1. The wine rack looks fantastic! very cute and a great find. I love your butcher block counters...we had them long ago and I wish I had kept them. The fridge looks great, a show place instead of storage apace. Don't you find the cabinets above it totally useless? We have them at the lake and we just keep liquor in them since we only use that at a rare party!

    Have a great week, Mel!


  2. Corks around your candle as a filler!? Genius!

  3. Love the wine rack and white just makes it smile! You can come to my house and tweak it any time you wish!!!

  4. Your kitchen looks so fresh and nice with all your tweaking! Isn't it a good feeling?
    Thank you for visiting and for your lovely comments, Melanie!
    Mary Alice

  5. It's looking good, Melanie! Isn't it amazing how small (free) changes like a bit of decluttering can make things look so nice?

  6. Looks really nice! I especially love that red and white mug trivet.

  7. Your Goodwill find is very nice and perfect for your countertop. I also love the photograph of your centerpiece...it looks so warm and inviting...and I love the fact that you shared how you de-cluttered your refrigerator. Sometimes it's nice to step back and look at things like that, and tidy up a bit. (Something I need to do right this minute...ha)

  8. Tweaking is lots of fun and the results are really nice in your kitchen. Wish I could pop in for a cup of tea and chat at your kitchen table. :-)

    Hugs from Holland ~

  9. Fun Find at Goodwill! Your house looks so cozy and inviting! Thanks for visiting my blog...following you back :-)

  10. The top of your fridge looks so nice! Great thrift store find!

  11. I sure could use one of those bottles of wine right about now. It was a crazy, busy day at school. Good luck with sales at your mom's booth. Everything looks good. Hope you are having a great week. Tammy

  12. Hi Melanie, Love the cork presentation....too cute! And as another commenter said, I love your butcher block counter tops too. I used to have them and really regret changing them. They are classic and always in style. Thank you for visiting and following. I will follow you too. Look forward to see you a lot. xo


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