Tuesday, October 30, 2012

tweaking my living room bookcase

I added a few new things to the ladder bookcase in my living room.

After visiting my cousin's house a couple of weeks ago and seeing how he
had a pair of decorative salt and pepper shakers in a family room vignette,
I decided to try something similar with my own salt and pepper shakers.
I've had these vintage gold leaf shakers for years.
Instead of using them on the kitchen table, I took the tops off and am using them
as decor items in the bookshelf.  I stuck a faux leaf in one of the shakers,
 so that it looks like a little vase.

Mr. Owl is new - from Kirklands.

I also stuck a vintage suitcase underneath the bookcase since
that space looked rather empty.

I'm linking up with Tweak it Tuesday on Cozy Little House!


  1. Owls are my favorite & I love that chair and the pillows.


  2. I love tweaking! The S&P's are so cute! I noticed owls are really getting popular...yours is darling and I love the suitcase. I'd love to collect a few but I have absolutely no room!

    Hope you are having a great week! :)


  3. Such a cute way to use vintage salt and pepper shakers. Love it!
    Mary Alice

  4. Looks great...and I LOVE that home sign you have hanging on your wall! Clever :)

  5. I just had so much fun going back through some of your posts! I love the whole look of the ladder bookcase, as well as the bright blue chair with pillows! I love the arrangement you're coming up with for your bare wall! That's a great idea to lay it out first! I also think your son's sneaker painting was awesome!... Donna

  6. That looks great! The suitcase was a good idea. I love the s&p shakers. I collect vintage s&p shakers.

  7. Tweaking is a good thing, and the bookcase looks great! I love that owl!!!!

  8. This looks great! I struggle so much aranging bookshelves, but you've done a wonderful job. Wanna come help me? :)


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