Saturday, October 27, 2012

my life in {feline} ruins

 Nothing like hearing a *crash* from another room.
I ran into the living room to find this:

 Hmm...empty plant pot.

Aha! There's the culprit (Monkey), along with the main evidence.

 After cleaning up all the dirt and replanting the poor plant,
I moved the plant and stool into my office for the time being.
Thought the plant would be safe. Silly me.


 And how has YOUR Saturday morning been?


  1. I'm sorry Melanie, but I am laughing as I write this, because this morning Sophia decided to get up on my little shelf and down with a crash came my milk glass vase and my pussy willows> all the way down to the basement. Well, like you, I picked them up and put them back in the vase. Sophie watched me like I was nuts, as it took her a long time to knock that down ;-)

  2. Do you have a little catnip potted in with that plant?


  3. Thanks for leaving a sweet comment ....have a nice weekend!

  4. I've seen that many times in my home! I started putting large-ish landscape rock in my large pots - so far I haven't had anyone decide to dig through those. Although that doesn't really help for the "grab the leaves and yank" method of unpotting plants.


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