Tuesday, October 9, 2012

falling leaves and flowering plants

 The falling leaves make for a crunchy carpet underfoot.
I am outside every day, sweeping all the leaves off the porch and sidewalk
and using the leaf blower to blow the leaves off our little patch of front
lawn - though it seems my efforts are in vain right now.
The landscape only looks the same a few hours later!

 The weather is all over the place at this time of year ~
it could be sunny and 70, or rainy and cold.
We've already had two nights where it got down to 28 degrees F!
Despite these freezing temps, some of my outside flowers are still hanging in there.
The hanging basket of geraniums and sweet potato vines still look pretty good.

So do the begonias...

 and impatiens.

I enjoy my outside plants and flowers so much, that I get a little
melancholy when fall really settles in and most of the plants dry up
and turn brown and we have to dump containers of expired annuals.
We covered up the patio furniture this past weekend, too.

Those of you who live in warmer climates ~ do you enjoy your outdoor plants
and flowers year-round? Or, do you wish you lived where you could experience
a deeper sense of the changing seasons?


  1. I think there are few things more beautiful than fall leaves covering everything! I understand about missing the flowers though. Have you ever forced bulbs inside during the winter? I never have but am determined to do it this year!

  2. I hate seeing the flowers shrivel up and die...well, a lot of my plants never made it through the summer! You have SO many fallen leaves. Our leaves are still mostly green but I drove into the burbs last week and it was a riot of color! What gives?!

    I hope you are having a happy week!



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