Tuesday, October 2, 2012

new vintage dishes

 While browsing in Goodwill a few days ago,
I spied these beautiful, vintage plates and cups.
I was immediately drawn to the clean simplicity of the white with gold trim,
but yet awed by the curved divots in the rim of the cups
and the curvature of the plates.

Each plate has the round recession for proper placement of the teacup.
Since I don't have a dining room (just an eat-in kitchen), nor a huge china cabinet,
and I don't plan on having a tea party...
I only bought two of these place settings.

 Do you collect vintage place settings?
Or, perhaps you still have your wedding china? (I do!)


  1. These are lovely! Your Goodwill always has good stuff. Mine, notsomuch... LOL. Remember those Redwing dishes I was able to get a few years ago, though? I got rid of all the assorted sets of dishes I had except for those and the white stoneware I got for our wedding (instead of china). You make me want to start collecting again!

  2. those plates and cups look perfect for a cup of tea and a muffin or a few cookies, I hope you enjoy them many times this fall

    no wedding china for me, I did not want it, but Jeff bought us a big set when he was stationed in Okinawa. I did not use it much and kept it in a hutch but now, it is in our dish cabinet and I use it everyday.

  3. These are SO pretty, Melanie! My wedding china is very old, but otherwise, I am not really into vintage things as far as hunting them down. I guess I'm not into that trend! lol!


  4. Those are beautiful cups & plates! I really love the scalloped edges.

  5. They are beautiful. I see a romantic dinner for two for you and Brian. :-)

    I never had wedding china. I used to have many various sets of dishes but there is simply no room for them in small Dutch kitchens. I now have a set for two for everyday and our Wedgwood in the hutch. It is back in the hutch in the new house. I also have an old set up in the attic that we did keep. Good thing as I need our dishes and the set from Cranberry Cottage to set the table for my quilt group's formal Christmas dinner this year.

    I would love to have a set of really nice old silverware. Do you have that too?

    I do not mention my drawing as I never thought I was very good. I mostly draw birds and flowers.

    Hugs from Holland ~

  6. Those dishes are so pretty! I love our clean the design is. Those will go with just about anything.


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