Sunday, October 7, 2012

good books and comfort food

 I love library book sales.

I'm an avid reader ~ a bookworm, if you will.
I've had my nose stuck in books from when I was a wee girl.
The bookcases in my family room are overflowing, but I just
can't resist picking up books at a library book sale or even Goodwill.
I got this stack of books for just $13!
The Dispatcher and Soul Patch are for my husband.

Speaking of books, I ordered a beautiful new Bible book cover
from amazon and it came in the mail the other day.
Isn't it pretty? The old one was, well...old. And dirty and worn.

This was me out on the patio last Sunday afternoon when the 
weather was still in the 70's. Yep, my nose stuck in a book ~ where it's the happiest.

With the cooler temps now upon us, we all get in the mood for some
comfort food, right? Soups, stews, macaroni and cheese and other hearty dishes.
So when I walked into the kitchen the other day and saw my son's grocery
wish list on the fridge, I had a good laugh.

Food?! OK son, you got it. How about some Chicken Fried Rice?
This couldn't be simpler to make and it's both hearty and healthy.
I made a fresh batch of long-grain brown rice (leftover, refrigerated rice is better
in this dish, but I didn't have any). 
I chopped up carrots, celery, orange and red peppers, and green onions
and stir-fried them in a little bit of olive oil and sesame oil, until crisp-tender.
I then added some frozen corn and the brown rice.
Cooked/stir-fried that up a few minutes, then added leftover chopped
chicken breast, low-sodium soy sauce, and freshly ground pepper.
Another good thing about this dish is that it's a great way to use up leftover
veggies and meats. And rice - if you have leftovers!

 I found this delicious lentil and black bean soup recipe on Pinterest
and it linked to this blog:

Made it a few nights ago and it was a big hit.
Talk about stick-to-your-ribs heartiness and great flavor!
I found chicken andouille sausages at Trader Joes.
They're still very high in sodium, but I figured the little bit in this recipe
wouldn't hurt us once in awhile.

 Curling up with a good book and comfort food ~ what is better on a chilly fall day?
What book are you reading right now and what's cooking at your house?


  1. Well, everything looks delish. Your chicken fried rice sounds just yummy ~ and the Lentil black bean soup oh my ~ I cooked up a pot of chilli last night with a loaf of home made bread ~ yum ~ cooler temps mean C-O-M-F-O-R-T food. I think we're all headed that way.
    Have a wonderful day ;-)

  2. That lentil and black bean soup looks so good! I can't resist books either!

  3. Pretty Bible cover, delicious looking food, funny son
    and I hope you have lots of time to relax and read those books.

  4. The library sale sounds like a good idea. Your soup looks good!


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