Thursday, October 25, 2012

a before and not-so-happily after

This wooden table had been sitting in my garage for several years ~
simply serving as another place to stack all that extra stuff that somehow accumulates
in garages (and basements).
I put it out by the curb in the hopes that someone would take it,
but no such luck.

All of a sudden, a lightbulb went off in my head.
Why not paint it and use it in my kitchen?
I ran back out to the curb and hauled it back into the garage before 
someone changed their mind and snatched it up.

I sanded and painted and this is how it turned out.
Nothing too exciting ~ I simply used spray paint.
I am not one of those talented people who stains or gets fancy with chalk paint.
Looks OK and holds a lot of stuff, right?

Problem is ~ this is the only place in the kitchen where this table could fit.
It is simply too big and overwhelming for this space, I think.
I also don't like the black color of the table next to the oak cabinet.
So, I will be going back to square one...
Finding a new place for the table and putting the white stool
back in its place.

Wonder if the table will end up back in the garage? ;-)


  1. I believe you if you say it does not work there,
    but it looks really good in your photos.

    you'll find the right spot for it, I am sure

  2. I like the table a lot, Melanie, especially the lower shelf, but I see what you mean about the black next to the oak. Would white have worked better? Maybe with a burlap or tan runner to tie it in? It's a pretty table. Hang in to it til something pops in your head!


  3. I'm with Rhonda - I think it looks good. The black works because the metal shelf on the other side is also black, but you might like the table better if it's painted a different color. I'm thinking white or a mustard that complements the artwork above it?

  4. I like it there and I like the black! Why don't you live with it for a few days and see if it grows on you? :o)

  5. That's too bad because it's a great little table! It looks fine to me where it is and the black next to the oak doesn't bother me. The iron bookcase looks black in the photo.

    But I understand, if something doesn't feel right it doesn't feel right! Can you use it in the garden? Potting bench?

  6. Melanie - I like the black table on the other side of the oak to balance the metal bookshelf. I do think a brown/burlap runner would be nice on top of the table like Jane mentioned. I vote to keep it and just keep working with it until you get it the way you like!!

  7. I like the table and it certainly doesn't look too big for the space. In fact, it balances out the little baker's rack on the other side of the cabinet. Around here, I always need a little more storage space. :) Have a great day. Tammy

  8. I like it. It balances the other little table. Maybe paint the oak cabinet, kidding, hah. My DIL has the same coffee picture in her kitchen.
    I haven't painted anything in years. I am loving the Annie Sloan paint. It is so easy to use. I am trying the makes a big difference but it is an added step.
    Good luck.


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