Saturday, September 29, 2012

autumn touches around the house

 I've been working on fall decor around my house for a couple of weeks now.
I keep playing with things and changing them around.
Here's what my house looks like today. ;-)

This is the top shelf of the china cabinet in my kitchen...

The middle shelf...
(The acorn jar on the left and the little fruit bowl pitcher in front 
are both recent Goodwill finds.)

And, the bottom shelf...

I found the vintage ladle recently at an antique shop in
my neighborhood. Thought I was going to hang it
elsewhere in my kitchen, but ended up hanging it on the china cabinet.
I like the way the red handle picks up on the red in the picture on the wall.

Moving on to the living room, I kept the buffet simple for now.

Love this autumn wreath. Was given to me by a friend years ago.

Console table...

I used dried corn, Chinese lanterns, and some polished stones
to fill this wooden leaf. Believe it or not, the cats
haven't gotten into the Chinese lanterns (yet)!
I thought they'd be tossed all over my living room.

 The ladder shelf got a fall makeover, too...

These fall boxes that I put the candlesticks in, were again a
recent Goodwill find - 25 cents each.

I have two round leather ottomans in front of the living room sofa.
You can flip the lids over and use them as a tray.
I left one ottoman lid as is, and the other I flipped over and added
a round glass tray, a dried berry wreath, and a bird.
Cute ~ and easy-peasy.

 I'm still working on an arrangement for the kitchen table.
There's so many great ideas on blogs and Pinterest!


  1. Hi Melanie, Your fall touches are just perfect! You've added that warmth and colors of the season so nicely to your home. Thank you so much for stopping by and your lovely comments.
    Mary Alice

  2. You have so many pretty arrangements and I love seeing pictures of your home! The china cabinet is beautiful and you have a great cookbook collection! I love the window hanging in your living room and the ladder. I still have my mantel and front porch to do and then I can call it a day!

    Hope all is well in your world!


  3. Autumn has arrived at your house! So pretty. I haven't done a thing yet. Tomorrow is October 1, so I should probably go get my box of Halloween and fall things out.

  4. Very pretty arrangements! I love the little bird!

  5. We have the same acorn jar. Great minds? Very warm and welcoming!

    Hugs from Holland ~

  6. Very pretty! I especially love your wreath on the door!


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