Friday, September 21, 2012

bird bath, wine bottle border, and naughty kitties

 I have been wanting a bird bath for years.
While looking at garden centers, I've felt like Baby Bear:
the bird baths I saw were either too expensive, cheaply built, or unattractive.
I found one that is "just right"!  
 At a unique little home and garden shop (whew - not a "big box" store),
I found a copper sunflower bird bath. I knew it would be perfect
nestled in the middle of the round flower garden in the back yard.

Brian started a wine bottle border around the butterfly garden,
but after using some clear wine bottles, we realized the colorful
bottles look much prettier. So, the border is 1/3 of the way done
and we won't have enough colorful wine bottles to finish the project
until next spring...but that's OK. I think it's going to look so cool!
And, it's a great way to upcycle.

Speaking of the butterfly garden, the sedum blooms like mad in September
and the bees are loving it.

I was in my bedroom the other day and heard a loud CRASH
coming from the living room.
This is what I found. you think it could've been one of the two naughty kitties
"investigating" in the background? Or the strong wind that had been
coming through the window?

Monkey says, "Not me! I'm mellow and innocent."

PS - Blogger is driving me nuts today. I have edited this post a gazillion times before officially posting and no matter how many times I make sure the font is on the default type, the first two paragraphs have a different font than the rest of the post. Grr!


  1. lollllllll omg love the picture of your

  2. I tried to comment last night but my PC would not let me.
    Were you able to replant that plant? silly kitty.

    Your copper birdbath is so pretty and I like your wine bottle border. I want to make a bottle tree in the back yard and also want the blue and green bottles but they are much harder to come by. My son has been collecting them at events he goes to.

    happy anniversary!

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    Un saludo muy cariñoso.


  4. Beautiful Bird bath. But that lazy cat laying down. I don't know. It's hard to read a cat. :)

  5. Melanie - LOVE that bird bath!! I, too, have looked all summer for a bird bath. Most of them don't look like they would last a summer. And then, there's the real expensive ones. I couldn't even find one of those I wanted. But, I do love yours.


  6. You sound like me...I have wanted a bird bath forever but never found one and made one myself this year. Hey...I never posted about it come to think of it.

    Oh my...that Monkey is just tooooooo cute for words!

    Hugs from Holland ~


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