Wednesday, September 5, 2012

feeling overwhelmed and inadequate

Sorry that it's been awhile since I posted.
Sometimes I get overwhelmed with the stresses at work,
housework, decorating, grocery shopping, bill paying,
laundry, planning meals, pet care, finding time to read or
scrapbook, keeping up with email....on and on and on!
I know - it's life. 
But when I look at most other blogs, it seems like so many other
people decorate like a designer, have ginormous houses,
are busy turning pine cones & twigs into perfect wreaths,
and have a money tree in their back yard.
Then I feel inadequate and that I have nothing to blog about.
Why are us women so hard on ourselves?

Now that I've gotten that off my chest, here's a little of what I've been up to...

A couple of weeks ago, I spent the weekend in Galena, IL with my mom
and my aunt. It was my belated birthday celebration.
My aunt is so sweet. She actually brought flowers, candles,
a little cupcake, and birthday decorations to our hotel room!

In my home, the bathroom remodeling progress is going
very s-l-o-w-l-y.
Mainly because we go to Home Depot and Menards
and find sinks, vanities, and flooring that we like,
but there are so many choices, that we are overwhelmed.
We come home and discuss things but are terrible about making
a final decision and purchases.

In the meantime, in the main hallway bath, hubby put up
three white floating shelves above the toilet
and I decorated them.

Another little thing I did was to buy new switch plates and outlet covers
for the living room and hallway. These were a little pricey for
such things ($7 each), but well worth it, I think.
They are wood and leather and really put the finishing touch
on the entire look of the rooms. I consider things like this
(as well as vent covers) "jewelry" for the home.

PS - Not ready for the autumn decorations just yet. Still hanging on to summer
as long as possible! :-)


  1. I think there are a lot of overachieving women out there, and we just can't compare ourselves to them or we'll make ourselves crazy. There are other women out that thinking that you and I are amazing! We both enjoy the decorating process, not just the results. I spend so much time running around town looking for rugs, pictures, hardware, paint chips, blah, blah, blah, and I never feel finished with any of it!

  2. Hi Melanie
    you may not not have a money tree or live in a mansion (I sure don't)
    but I've seen those type blogs you are talking about and you are just as creative as the best of them. I have always admired how you accessorize your home, your photos are beautiful too!

    Please don't beat yourself up, I think you are wonderful and accomplish a lot.

  3. You know what I do when I feel inadequate and overstressed? I don't blog!

    Don't be so hard on yourself. You do not need to compete with other bloggers; we'll still follow you and love you if you don't blog often or if all you blog about is the lunch you had from Wendy's!

    Now .............. breathe deeply!

  4. Ditto to all the above. I feel the same.

  5. Hi Melanie, I appreciate your transparency, but please don't underestimate yourself. Most of us women fall into the hole of comparing ourselves with others at some point. When I go down that road I try to remember that everyone has challenges they're facing that may not be visible on the outside.
    Thank you so much for stopping by for a visit and leaving such lovely comments!
    Mary Alice

  6. Hi Melanie...I think all of us have those feelings sometimes and it's hard not to compare ourselves, but I think it's important that each of us write about what we are interested in rather than try to be like others. I enjoy following all kinds of blogs and am inspired in so many different ways...I have enjoyed seeing your projects and have never seen light and outlet covers like that before! Thanks for sharing them!

  7. I don't compare myself to others, but I do feel overwhelmed during the week and have little energy for much else. When I'm not creative, I don't feel like I accomplish anything and then I don't blog because I feel like I have nothing to share. Why can't my house just stay clean? I like those switchplates -- never seen such fancy ones before. And the floating shelves are nice, too. Hope you have a great weekend. Tammy


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