Wednesday, September 12, 2012

moving outdoor plants inside

 Mid-September and the weather is cooling down.
Mind you, it was sunny and 85 degrees yesterday and
90 degrees today...
and tomorrow is supposed to be high of 64F with rain!
That's northern IL for you.
I doubt we'll see anymore 80 and 90-degree weather for
awhile now (boo-hoo!), so I thought I'd better start bringing
my plants inside. They all did so well outside this summer.

I put the succulents by sunny windows in "my" room.
(That's what I'm calling this room for now. This is the room
that used to be Phil's bedroom. It's now my Lady Cave.)

I moved this plant stand from the patio into "my" room
and brought more plants in from outdoors.

I think this plant will do well in front of the living room window.
This beautiful little table belonged to my grandma.

Vintage suitcases stacked on top of each other, make a great plant stand.

This little plant is enjoying its new home on a stack of cookbooks
in the kitchen.

But what to do with THIS monstrosity?!


  1. My plants always go into shock when I move them in to out or out to in. Yours looks wonderful!

  2. have a lot of plants! I wish I had the room for them, they make everything look so fresh. I have just a few outdoors and I hear it is going down to 40 tonight so I better get them in. I'm loving this weather, too!


  3. Very pretty plants. You must have a green thumb!

  4. I agree with Susan that you do have a green thumb,
    Your home pictures always interest me and I think your plants have a lot to do with making your home so appealing and put together looking
    just wondering how many plants are in your home right now? I only have 2 but I think I need more.

  5. Hi Melanie; I love "your" room, you have a talent for decorating and it looks lovely! I use to have plants to bring indoors, it was lots of fun. Until my kitties decided they liked to eat them. So I ended up giving them away, but I miss them. Love and hugs, Nana.

  6. How good of you to bring in your plants. I do not bring any in the house as I worry about ants coming in too. We have so many ants outside. I do put my bougainvillea, oleanders and geraniums in to the garage and over winter them with success.

    I love that stand you brought in! It will give you a summer feel all through the cold months!

    Today (Saturday) is your and Brian's anniversary so I wanted to wish you the best day today together. I hope you can do something fun and celebrate the love that has shaped your lives!!!

    Hugs from Holland ~

  7. There's no way I could move my outdoor plants inside -- they are all so full of dust. I was gonna buy some jade yesterday at the plant souk, but the guy told me it would only live for about 15 days. Not sure why as succulents are pretty hardy. I did buy a bunch of outside plants, hoping to green things up on my balconies. But weather is still so hot -- at least 110 every day, and today is a bit dusty. That monstrosity is a ponytail palm and if it was here, Jingles would be snacking on it every day. :/ Have a great weekend. Tammy

  8. I love succulents! I don't have any yet but one day!

    Our 5 day forecast is gorgeous! Definitely Autumn like!


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