Saturday, September 8, 2012

kitchen appliances ~ does color matter?

  I recently posted an article from the Wall Street Journal
on Facebook titled, "Is This the End of a 25-year Run for Stainless Steel"?

It stirred quite a debate on my Facebook page. Quite a few posters
preferred white appliances - like myself - while others claimed to love
their stainless steel.

When we moved into our house 22 years ago, all the appliances were beige.
When we eventually had to eventually replace appliances,
I didn't even consider SS. For one thing ~ SS is quite pricey.
Secondly, I don't even really like SS appliances. I've always
thought it looked industrial. Just doesn't fit in with my decor.

Call me old-fashioned, but with my kitchen's oak cabinets and dark wood
floors, I much prefer my white refrigerator, dishwasher, and range.
I think the white off-sets the dark wood.

There's also white wainscoting on the walls, so the white 
appliances match nicely.

I did find a couple of pictures of kitchens with SS appliances that I thought were really pretty.
This one's from House Beautiful.
The SS range and hood, though modern, looks lovely with the 
more casual white cabinetry and open shelving.
Kitchen of the Month, May 2012. The open shelves look as if they could have been here since 1912 - which is how old the house is. Design: Mary Jo Bochner.

I also like this kitchen from Country Living. 
The cottage look of the beaded ceiling and open shelving
with white pitchers and blue bowls, softens the look of the stainless steel.

Kitchen Designs - Pictures of Kitchen Designs and Decorating Ideas - Country Living 
 I had another friend on Facebook say that she likes her black 
appliances. I found a kitchen photo on google images where
black appliances happily fit in with the white cabinets, black granite countertops,
and a black island and chairs.

Kitchen with Black Appliances Pictures

What color appliances do you have in your kitchen?
Are you satisfied with your choice, or would you change them if you could?


  1. I read that article, too! While I don't feel I have to "keep up with the Jones'", I replaced my kitchen appliances with SS. I think my pine cabinets make them look a little more warm. When we redid the lake kitchen, I used white appliances and I am super happy with those. So, I have the best of both worlds! :)

    I loved seeing pictures of your pretty kitchen and the inspirations pictures are wonderful!


  2. Hi Melanie;
    I'm with you, I love white appliances. My kitchen cabinets are maple and I love my white appliances. They are so clean looking. My son and daughter-in-law have SS appliances and it looks lovely in their home too. I guess it is just a matter of personal taste. Have a Great Evening!! Love and hugs, Nana

  3. Hi Melanie
    I never liked the stainless steel, I do like my white appliances just fine. Now if I could pink or red or pale green ones at the same price as white, I would not mind changing to that. If I have $3000 to replace them all.....

    I started a new blog- think you can see it on my profile if you want to visit me

  4. Are you about to shop for kitchen appliances, or just interested in the topics? I'm with you on the white appliances. With my oak cabinets and flooring, and white counters, they look right to me. We do plan to put in granite countertops soon, and I'm going with white there too. I think with me, it's just a sunny and bright thing. My kitchen faces the south, and sunshine pours into it. White fits perfect in that scenario. But I have a male friend with an all oak kitchen and black granite counters, and his black appliances look very masculine to me, and just perfect for him.

  5. I have white appliances and love them. It seems to me like stainless steel shows fingerprints very easily.

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