Friday, October 18, 2013

thrifty business and exciting friday night

Are any of you familiar with the scrapbooking store, Archivers? There were
quite a few of them here in Illinois, but recently several branches have closed.
One near me is closing on Sunday and everything in the store is now 40% off.
So, I headed up there today and along the way, I stopped at a Goodwill store
that I'd only been in once before. And it so happened that Goodwill was running
a special today where your total order was 20% off! 

When I was taking photos of my thrifty treasures today, I realized I never showed
you a couple of previous finds. Up first is this autumn glass. I actually have two of 
them. Found at a little shop in town. They look so pretty sitting on my kitchen table.

Last week when I was thrifting with Penny and showed you all the lovely
gold items I found, I forgot to show you this cool art piece. I wanted
another black and white picture for the floating wall ledges in the downstairs
family room, and since Brian really likes trains, this was perfect. The artist
is Russell Steel, an American artist who passed away in 2010. Most of his
works were of trains and train stations. He was listed in "Who's Who in
American Art."

 Today's finds included this white pitcher...I don't think it's Ironstone because it's
not marked on the bottom. It's a rather large piece and will be perfect grouped
with all my other white pitchers or even used on the kitchen table as a vase
in the summer.

I adore the color and pattern (retro!) of this coffee cup and saucer. I picked up
 two sets of these for $3! No markings on the bottom of these pieces either.

Cute little squirrel plaque...I think I'll distress the edges of the wood with
some sandpaper.

More gold for my living room! This picture frame just needs some cleaning up.

This book's colorful and unique cover caught my eye...

And when I flipped through it, was thrilled to find beautiful words and 
more cool art work.

I love this European cardigan...I believe from the language on the care tag,
 that it's from Poland. I also got a dark gray Geoffrey Beene dress shirt for 
Brian. Both pieces of clothing - $3.99 each!

 Brian and I were going to have dinner at our usual little mexican place
tonight for our Friday night date night and then look for some much-needed
gym shoes for me, but after being out in public for several hours, I was sick
of the noise (loud people, screaming kids, blaring music) and traffic and just
wanted to stay home. Brian agreed - he was very tired from work. So we 
stayed in and ordered a pizza and had a glass of wine. We were then watching
Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives and both fell sound asleep at 7:30! The warning
sound on my cell phone from it needing recharging was what woke me up.
I hadn't slept well last night...had gone to bed at midnight and then was wide
awake at 4:00 a.m. I didn't go back to bed until 6:30 and then slept another
couple of hours. That happens to me quite often these days, where I sleep
in shifts. I think of lot of it has to do with good ol' peri-menopausal hormones.

Linking up with The Thrifty Groove ~ a new-to-me blog that I'll be checking
out this weekend.


  1. Hi, It looks like you had a great time. I love poking around thrift shops. You never know what treasures you'll find. I found a beautiful Christmas cardigan the other day. I don't like some of the gaudy, bright Christmas sweaters and vowed that I'd never wear one, but this one is in pale blue and white and very pretty. I'll show it soon.
    Nice to stay home sometimes and just relax in the evening. That's what we do most of the time :)

    1. I don't like gaudy Christmas sweaters either, but a pale blue and white one sounds lovely! We stay home most evenings, but we call Friday night our date night. We like to go out to dinner that night.

  2. What great finds - love the book.

    I had to laugh about sitting down and finding yourself asleep on the sofa. Steve and I laugh at ourselves when that happen.

    1. What happened to my young self that was just starting the night at 9 PM?!

  3. OMG, that sounds like my kind of night lately. I'm so tired of running around! Tonight we're having our weekly at-home date - simple food and a movie - and I can't wait to veg out and be quiet! I might fall asleep too. Good for you guys. :) I love your finds, especially the white jug. That's really different and beautiful. I have never been to Archivers and I'm not sure we have them here but I did see one when we were on vacation in Colorado this summer; we would have stopped in if we'd had a little more time because we were both interested in the idea!

    1. It sure is nice to stay home and veg sometimes, isn't it? It's a shame that Archivers are losing some of their locations; I always liked this store.

  4. Wow! You did find lots of cool and unique items. If there's no marking on those ceramic pieces, then at least you know they weren't Made in China. :) I love the train sketch and the little squirrel. Have a wonderful weekend. Tammy

    1. I won't buy dishware made in China - so you are right on with the markings, or lack of them!

  5. Melanie - Great finds! Love that white pitcher and that book looks like a lot of fun!


  6. Hi, Melanie. I actually found your blog through your Paperbackswap profile :) I ordered one of your books.
    You've got some great taste- and a thrifty eye! I enjoyed looking through your finds in this post.
    ~Blossom (bbarden on PBS)

    PS- please don't mind my requestor conditions on PBS; I've recently altered them but it may not be updated yet.

    1. Hi Blossom ~ that is so cool that you found my blog through paperback swap! I just got your book request and will be mailing your book out one day next week. No worries on the requester conditions. :-)

  7. I like a big mug for coffee...that said, I went back to a thrift store a couple of weeks ago to purchase a box of coffee cups and saucers because they were just plain cute. I love your cups and saucers! That robin egg blue interior is awesome.

    1. I like a big mug for coffee, too - I won't be drinking my coffee out of these. They'll just be pretty place settings either at the table or layered in my china cabinet. :-)

    2. Hi Melanie,

      That beautiful sketch by Russell Steele is perfect for your husband, as he has a passion for trains. And, the book looks very interesting; yes, that cover would certainly capture my attention, too! You came home with a bundle of beauties, as usual. Enjoy!

      Happy Sunday,


    3. Thank you, Poppy - hope you had a great weekend!

  8. Melanie,
    I love the sweater, it looks so cozy. There are times that I get so chilled that I just can't seem to warm up and this sweater looks as though it would fit the bill!I
    Hope you sleep tonight!

  9. Melanie - I love the train sketch so much. Thanks for stopping by my blog to view my guest space. :) Have a fun week!

  10. Hi Melanie, I don't like to travel but I would to thrift store with you, you find the best stuff.

  11. Melanie, welcome to Thrifty Things Friday! Love all your awesome finds and very thrifty also! Hope you will join Diann and I again next week!

  12. Awesome thrifted treasures! I have those autumn glasses and the same white pitcher! Love them both. I am so glad you found my blog and hope to see you at the TTF party often!


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