Friday, March 15, 2013

new pretties, silly cats, silly me & big day

 I didn't find anything at TJ Maxx the other day when I went hunting for
an entrance rug, a pillow for the little black chair, and some possible art
work for the bathrooms. So I tried Target and there I found the
perfect size and color pillow. It's harder than you think to find tiny
 pillows. And it was on sale, too. Hooray!
Still no rug and art work for the bathrooms, but that's OK.
I'm hoping to hit IKEA soon, so maybe I'll have luck there.

I also had to run into Michaels for some craft items and I found these pretty 
little vases on sale for only $1 each. Not sure exactly where I'm going to put
them yet, but I'm thinking they'll look pretty on the floating shelves in the main
bathroom, each with a flower in them.

And then in the $1.50 bin at Michaels, I found these bright blue decorative
balls. They had ribbon attached to them so that you could use them as some
sort of ornament, but I just cut the ribbon off. I thought they added a nice pop
of color to all the beige going on in this vase.

Also, in the $1.50 bin ~ brightly-colored mini picture frames. I just need
to put pictures in them! 

 And a few of my latest thrifting treasures ~ an enamel pot, sweet
little bucket, and...

a vintage kitty.

Speaking of kitties, Zippo was zonked out on the blanket on the couch the other 
night. Monkey wanted to lie on the blanket too, so he smooshed his body
against Zippo's. I guess Zippo got tired of being smooshed and simply 
put his legs up on Monkey's back. I don't know what Monkey thought about
that, but Zippo certainly looks comfortable!

I know those of you in the warmer states (and countries) have trees and
 flowers in bloom already, but here in northern Illinois, the weather is still
 pretty nasty. The temps are in the 30's with lots of rain and some snow
 flurries. So I was quite excited when I went out to the mailbox yesterday
 and saw green shoots (tiger lilies) poking out of the dead leaf and 
rock-filled ditch in front of our house.  If my neighbors saw and heard
 me, they probably thought I was crazy. I grabbed my cell phone and called
 my husband and animatedly told him the news. Then I ran into the house
 to get my camera and took pictures of the ditch. :-)

Well, tomorrow's the big day. The Midwest Bloggers Meet-Up.
I'm excited, but a little nervous, too. And I have to get up at 6:00 a.m.
because I have a long drive. That's a super early hour for me, as I'm
a night owl. I'm rarely in bed before midnight. I've been baking cookies
all day for the swag bags. Now I have to go package them up. I'll
be sure to take lots of pictures tomorrow. See you on Sunday!



  1. I know how exciting the first flowers of spring are to some of us! I found a few of my grape hyacinths survived in spite of the complex maintenance guy and his weed killer last summer. The apartment across the roadway has surprise lilies coming up under the bedroom window.

    1. I guess because for some of us, winter is so incredibly long, that the first signs of any greenery send us over the edge of excitement!

  2. That is a really cute photo of the cats. Love the vintage kitty, too.

  3. Got some good buys! Cats are cute. Hope you have a good time on Saturday!


    1. Thrifting buys are the best buys though, aren't they? I always love your Saturday treasures.

  4. awww the kitties are so cute! Love the little bucket you found. Those dollar bins at Michael's have great little stuff in them. I usually can't get out of that store without one or two things from there. I always buy my cupcake liners and memo pads with the magnets on them there.

    1. I love how Michaels carries a lot of Mary Engelbreit items in their dollar bins - that are now their dollar plus fifty cent bins, lol.

  5. Great finds - I can tell that Monkey and Zippo are overwhelmed with the excitement of your treasures! About as excited as our Archie and Boswell get! Hope the meeting of the bloggers was fun. The cookies look delicious. -- Jan

    1. I don't think cats get too excited over anything except food! The cookies were pretty darn good, if I do say so myself. ;-)

  6. Can't wait to hear all about the blogger thing! The cookies look good! And your kitties are precious! Milo and Layla sometimes relent to sleeping near each other if they want the same blanket or a beam of sunlight coming in.

    Try looking at I find a lot of great pictures there. Love all of your goodies...the pillow is neat!


  7. I like that enamel coffee pot. I've hit the dollar bins at Target before and really like the stuff they usually have there. But don't know if I've ever shopped them at Michael's. I usually go to Hobby Lobby when I am in the States as that is what's closest to my aunt's place in Michigan. Your kitties are so cute. And those cookies look great. No doubt you will have a lovely time meeting up with the Midwest bloggers. I look forward to hearing about it. Best wishes, Tammy

    1. Thanks, Tammy - I'm planning on doing a post about the meet-up later today.

  8. Even if it isn't Spring outdoors, you are certainly making the inside of your home feel like Spring-time :)
    I love the blue accents. Ace Hardware is having their free quart of paint day, today. I needed some wood stain, so I went there to buy it and picked out a soft turquoise paint . . . now I need a new project :)
    Have a lovely day.
    Your blogging sister, Connie :)

    1. Ooh, soft turquoise paint...can't wait to see what you do with that! I think I'd love that color for a bathroom.

  9. I love your kitties. My cat died several years ago. I'm finally ready to get another one.

    1. I'm glad you feel ready to get another kitty. I hope you adopt one from a shelter. There are so many animals waiting for good homes!

  10. It looks like you scored on those deals! Isn't it fun? Now I will wait with anticipation to see what you the items. I was one of the lucky ones who scored on those cookies that you brought to the Midwest Meet Up. **yum**yum**

    1. Thanks, Teresa! I love to bake and cook. :-)


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