Sunday, March 24, 2013

busy weekdays and quiet weekends

This week seemed to pass by in a blur. I was out and about just about every day.
One of those days was spent thrifting with Penny. We met at Goodwill and shopped
and chatted our whole way through the store. Penny spied a nice collection of rubber
stamps and scrapbook papers from Stampin' Up, so I bought some of those things.
I collect small white pitchers and only found one, but Penny found two more for
me. Thrifting is much more fun with a friend! 

I guess shopping with friends was really on my agenda this past week, because
 another day was spent at IKEA. I finally found curtains for my living room!
 I just have to have them hemmed. Can't do it myself - one domestic thing
 I don't do is sew. Confession: I can't even sew on a button!
And then another day was spent at an outlet mall with two of my sisters-in-law.
I don't have any desire to shop these places, but it was my sister-in-law's 
birthday and that's where she wanted to go. All I bought was some Goldfish
crackers for Tim at the Pepperidge Farm outlet and a hoodie for Brian at Old Navy.

I was more than happy to stay at home on Saturday and get caught up on
housework and do some comfort food cooking. I had a taste for split pea soup
and had it bubbling on the stove, when all of a sudden it hit me: I had used lentils,
not split peas! Brian and I always tease each other when we have a slip-up...
"That's it, I'm checking you into the Alzheimer's ward."

 To go with the soup, I made these wonderful corn muffins posted by Jane of
Blondie's Journal. They have a hint of rosemary in them and cheddar cheese
in the middle. They're so delicious, I was even eating them for breakfast.
You can find the recipe in Jane's post here: Cheese-Centered Corn Muffins

Today was another cold, blustery day with snow flurries. Seems like it will never end.
I was at church this morning and out in the parking lot while talking to a friend,
I saw two robins. My first sighting this spring! I was so excited that I interrupted
my friend and started squealing, "Robins, robins!" I apologized and told her that
I just get so excited when I see the first signs of spring, such as the lilies poking
their green stems out of the ground, and then spying the robins. It renews my
sense of hope and promise every year.

An afternoon nap was on the agenda today, as well as some reading (just started
Melanie Benjamin's new book, The Aviator's Wife), laundry, and enjoying a few
rounds of Rummikub with Brian this evening. Peaceful and lovely.

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  1. Melanie - sounds like you had a few fun days of shopping at various places. Shopping definitely more fun with friends.


    1. I usually shop alone, but I agree that it's more fun with friends!

  2. Sounds fun. We've had robins here in DeKalb for a couple of weeks. Yesterday morning there were about ten in our neighbor's yard -- a whole flock! I'd never seen that many at once. Maybe they were huddling together in preparation for the snow that fell later in the day. :(

    1. I still haven't seen any robins in my neighborhood - send them here!

  3. Ummm your lentil soup and cheesy corn muffins look soooo good! Snowy weather is always the perfect time for soup. I agree, it's so much more fun to shop with a friend. I was just telling one of my sister that yesterday on the phone... that shopping is no fun without her (and my other sisters) being there.

    1. Comfort food is great on a cold day, isn't it? But before you know it, we'll be breaking out the grill. :-)

  4. Hi Melanie, The soup and muffins are perfect for this gloomy day. A great day to snuggle up with that book and a kitty or two. I need some sun! Love, Penny

    1. I need the sun too, Penny - we've had way too many gloomy days!

  5. We actually had some snow flurries today in Atlanta! Couldn't believe it.

    I can only take so many days out and about and then I need to stay home and re-charge or I get cranky :)

    It is fun to go thrifting with friends - it's good to have another pair of eyes!

    1. I'm just like you, Manuela...I have to stay home and recharge after being out and about.


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