Thursday, February 28, 2013

useful ways for baskets around the house

 I took a look around my house and realized how much I rely on baskets.

In the living room, I use one to corral cat toys....

and another beside the coffee table where I read and blog. It holds books and
magazines that I'm currently reading, my notebooks (I could do another whole blog
post on those!), and and paperwork that I need to go through.

 On top of the coffee table, I have a large basket-tray that holds more books
(I read several at a time), bookmarks ~ and a friendly little bird.

Baskets can be simply used as a decorative purpose, too.

 In the kitchen, I have baskets on the counter to corral coffee and tea items.
Keeps stuff looking neater, I think.

And this wire basket is just the right size to hold cloth napkins.

In my office, I use baskets to store and organize scrapbooking and art supplies.
This basket on the floor holds my current projects. I have other baskets on the
closet shelf that I use for more scrapbooking supply storage.

 Most of my baskets are found at thrift stores, but this little cutie came from
Hobby Lobby. It holds a variety of my art pens and small notepads.

You know I couldn't do a post on baskets without showing you how they
hold some of my beloved books, right?

 Even Brian gets a basket to hold his current reading material. This basket
fits perfectly under his nightstand.

 I love how these baskets from IKEA fit perfectly into the cubes (also from IKEA).
I'm using these baskets to hold our board games. We love board games and
actually play them often. Even my teenage nieces love to play board games
with us when they visit!

 What do you use baskets for in your home?



  1. You know we don't have an IKEA in the whole state of OK? Horrible. I love all your baskets. I love how you put books in them.

  2. Terrible that there's no IKEA in OK! I have one about 40 min. from me. Thanks for the compliments on the baskets.

  3. I love baskets for (visible) storage, too. I loved that first picture of all the cat toys. I need to make a cute basket for our cat's toys. (They are currently in an ugly cardboard box.) I keep my magazines, piano music, crafting books, sewing patterns, sewing/quilting projects, my crocheted heart collection, and vintage tablecloths in baskets. And with Easter just around the corner, pretty soon I will have baskets full of eggs sitting around, too.

    1. Sounds like you have a lot of uses for baskets, too!

  4. I keep alot of sewing stuff in baskets. When I'm working on a project with several components, I cut everything out and put in a basket along with everything I need to finish that item. Helps me. I am the most unorganized person in the world. So, any thing that helps me, I appreciate!!


    1. Funny that you say you're unorganized, Judy. I would've thought the total opposite!

  5. I use baskets in my home office to organize and just live them. Craft stores always have them on sale so it's never a huge expensive way to organize.

    1. I agree, Diane! I've also found some of my baskets at Goodwill. 99 cents or sometimes a whopping $1.99!

  6. Hi Melanie;
    Great post! I have so many baskets from thrift stores and never know what to do with them. Thanks for some great ideas! I keep an eye out all year long to find different baskets to make Easter baskets for the family. I notice that they use them all year long to store sidewalk chalk, stickers, craft items. It makes my day when I see the creative ways they come up with to use all the baskets. Love and hugs, Nana

    1. That's another great idea, Nana - using baskets to make Easter baskets!

  7. I am chuckling as I read this....I just picked up a wonderful basket at the thrift store a week or so ago, intending to store some books and magazines in it. Hmmm..AND ? It went home with my little grandson who assured me that he needed it as a bed for Spiderman!
    Well, I guess I need another basket :)

    1. That is so cute, Debra (a bed for Spiderman)!

  8. You really use baskets well in your home!!
    I've been a basket case for a long time. I even learned how to weave baskets...but gave most of those away. haha! Then I started selling Longaberger Baskets in '92...and I won't tell you how many I have. When we lost our jobs a few years ago I had an open house and sold lots of my special baskets....I just put a dent in my collection. Oh. My. :D

  9. You crack me up, Diane..."a basket case". Ha!


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