Monday, February 18, 2013

weekend antiquing fun

 You know the lyrics, girls just wanna have fun?

 So here's what happens when me, my mom, and aunt get together and go to
the local antique mall. We play with dead animals and try on silly hats.

Silly and getting stares from passers-by? Yes. Having fun and not caring
what anyone thinks about us? Definitely.

We love this antique mall by my house. Even though it's only a mile up the
road from my house, I never go alone. It's much more fun when you have
your shopping buddies! So much cool stuff to look at.

Anyone for a 1960's orange sofa?

 After 4+ hours of being on our feet shopping, we drove into a nearby town
to have lunch. I found this little cafe on Facebook, of all places.
Everything they serve is fresh and homemade. Their pies are to-die-for. I took
home a mini cherry pie for Brian and I to enjoy with a cup of tea.

 How can you not love a place with not only unique, fresh, homemade food
but kitschy decor, too?
You have to check out a sample of their food offerings. For example, here's

 Back to shopping. What treasures did I find?
This gorgeous, made in Spain owl. I collect owls and was thrilled to
find such a beauty, especially for only $8. A woman at the checkout register
wanted to steal him from me. Sorry, he's mine!

The familiar blue Ball jar with silver lid. Perfect for holding my coffee beans.
The coffee sign on the wall is a recent Savers find.

Be still my heart...such beautiful little birdies (another collected item) AND one
of my favorite color combinations. This little gem is only about an inch across.
I love all the detail.

 Another thing I collect is crackled glass pitchers. I only had two - the red one and 
the orange one at the end. The blue one came home with me on Saturday.
The green and brown pitchers aren't crackled glass - just inexpensive thrift store finds.

 What did you do this weekend? Any new antique or thrifting finds?


  1. What a fun time! It looks like you found some treasures! I love the orange couch.


    1. Thanks, Karianne! Want the matching orange ashtray stand, too? ;-)

  2. Hi Melanie;
    What a wonderful Saturday you girls had! Love your finds, especially the pitchers. Love them all. Next time will you invite me along (lol). Have a great day, love and hugs, Nana.

    1. I would love to have you go along with us, Nana! Come on over!

  3. Looks like fun and you found treasures!!

  4. There is no better day than antiquing with like minded buddies and having lunch at such a cool place. Thank you for stopping by househoneys, Melanie! I enjoyed sharing the weekend with you :).

  5. How fun! What sort of animal is that that you are wearing? Creepy! lol! This shop has some really cute retro sister used to have a retro kitchen with lots of similar things. The restaurant looks and sounds wonderful! I would have had pie first! ;-D

    Not sure if it's my connection but the pictures of the owl and the birdies didn't show up.

    Have a great (busy) week!


    1. That animal is a creepy mink! It even still had the legs and feet. *shudder* This antique mall is huge - 3 buildings worth of stuff! Yes, it might be your connection or computer. Talk to you soon!

  6. Creepy animals, fun, great treasures and yummy pie - does a day get better than that? Take care, Laura

    1. You're right, Laura - it was a great day! Thanks for stopping by.

  7. Oh, I would be in so much trouble if I had a store like that only a mile away! Brad was snuggled up with me watching Max and Ruby when I first read this post (Silas was down for nap and it was his "rest" time)and he noticed the dead animal around your neck in the first photo. We had to enlarge it and check it out. Then the beaver that your mom is standing next to. Ew. He loved them and the owl - though he was disappointed to hear that the owl was not a real dead one. Boys.
    I love that tiny blue and white bird nest and baby birdies, then when you said it was just an inch across? Be still my heart.

    1. Oh Tammy, that is hysterical that Brad wanted to see the dead animals, lol.

  8. I would skip the animals but the rest looks like so much fun!

    1. Everything was fun, Manuela...even the dead animals! Though I admit, they were creepy. That mink came off my neck the minute the photo was taken. lol

  9. Melanie-
    What a fun time with your Mom and Aunt-love all the creatures, treasures and smiles!!

    1. Glad you enjoyed, Jemma - thanks for visiting!

  10. I've tried on a few crazy hats along with my friends on more than one occasion, it's always fun to have fun while we're shopping. Those small cafes are always the best, aren't they? Thanks for stopping by and for you nice comment.

    1. It's fun to act silly with our lady friends, isn't it? Yes, I love those little cafes that are like hidden gems.


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