Thursday, February 14, 2013

crazy woman

 I spent most of the day on Tuesday moving furniture in three rooms.

There are some days where I have so much energy, I'm literally working
from the moment I get up until about midnight.
In case you think I'm Superwoman, I was pretty darn tired on Wednesday. ;-)

I'll show you two of the rooms for now ~ the spare bedroom/office
(which used to be Phil's room) and the master bedroom.
First, I moved the dresser from the master bedroom into the spare bedroom -
which still needs blinds and curtains. We take forever to completely finish anything!
Our master bedroom is small - 12x15 - and our furniture is huge.
Our bedroom needs a complete makeover anyway, so my first step is to
get the furniture out of that room so that we can pull up the old, gross
carpeting and paint the walls.

I have to tell you about this beautiful dresser.
I don't know where it originally came from. All I remember is that it was
my sister's dresser when she was growing up. I believe it was painted pink,
then white. Never gave the dresser a second thought until I was pregnant
with Phil, and a wonderful, older woman from church said that she
had my sister's old dresser and was going to re-finish it for us, so that we could
use it for the baby. So, this dresser then belonged to Phil his entire (too-short) life. 
And I see that Clementine, as usual, photo-bombed the picture.
And yes, this room still needs blinds and curtains, too. And a round rug for
the middle of the floor. Always something!

 This pretty little white cabinet used to be on the other side of the room, underneath
the window. If you look back at the picture above, you will see there is now a vintage
black and gold table there - the one that belonged to my grandma, that used to
 be in the living room.

 I then had to move the bookcase from the area where the dresser now is,
to the blank wall by the closet. That necessitated taking everything off the
shelves, dusting it, and putting everything back on. the closet, I only had one of these craft storage towers. The other
was next to the desk. Now with the dresser so close to the desk, there wasn't room
for the storage tower. So into the closet it went. Which meant there wasn't enough
room for my hanging cardigans. (My husband uses the back part of the closet
for his work uniforms.) See how one project leads to another?! So then I
had to clean out the master bedroom closet to make room for the rest of my cardigans.
The large beige cloth bin on top of the craft storage towers is filled with my purses.
Unfortunately, closet space is at a premium in this house.

Now on to the master bedroom - which I'm actually kind of embarrassed to show you,
since we have so much work to do in here. Do you recognize this console table?
It used to be in the living room. Since I moved the dresser out, I needed something
for the little TV, books, and framed photos. I actually kind of like this set-up.
Funny that the TV was on when I took this picture. I hardly ever watch TV,
especially during the day. But if I'm working in the bedroom while Jeopardy
or Ellen is on - the TV goes on.

So here's what the one side of the master bedroom looks like.
Yep, no curtains in this room either. Never did find ones I truly liked or that
were the right size. And when we had the room painted last spring -what we thought
was going to be a light blue  - turned out to be a color where it looks like the Easter 
bunny threw up on the walls.

The wall space to the left of the window is where the dresser used to be.
Barely enough room to open the drawers without hitting the bed.
And that HUGE oak headboard you have a glimpse of? It is two ginormous
pieces stacked on top of each other, made for a king-sized bed. Not a good
choice in a small bedroom. We bought this from my aunt when we first got married.
Now we can't even get rid of it! We have emailed used furniture stores, asked
all our family and friends, even put it out there on Facebook. No takers!
We have to get rid of this "elephant in the room" before we even think of pulling up
the carpeting and painting all over again. I'm "dying" to get a new, smaller headboard.
Would love to get one of those elegant, tufted ones.

 Whew, I was really long-winded in this post. Thanks for visiting and following
along with my latest projects. I'll show you what I did in my living room in a couple of days!


  1. You have some energy girl! And some great pieces. Your sister's dresser is gorgeous! Isn't it funny how we make the master bedroom the last that we decorate? I'm really looking forward to what you do with it. Are you going to keep the paint? I found a website by Sherwin Williams called You can download a picture of your room and they will give you paint chips that match it. It's a lot of fun. I think I've done every room in my house!

    Are you guys doing anything for Valentine's Day?


  2. Yes, I love that dresser. Of course, my sister wants it back now, but she's not getting it! It means too much to us because it was Phil's from the day he was born. You're right - it's ironic how "our" room is the last one to get done! We'll be putting in hardwood floors and I want the walls painted a very light gray. Thanks for the web site tip! No, not doing anything for V-day. We are pretty much lovey-dovey every need for a special day on the calendar after 30+ years together. :-)

  3. Melanie, you have been a very busy girl! It may take time, but it's all coming together the way you want it to be. And you're organizing and cleaning everything as you go, which is always a plus. I'd love to get a new headboard for my bed too. Our room always gets put at the end of the to do list.

    1. Busy, yes, but it seems like it's never-ending!

  4. Melanie,
    Have you tried Freecycle to get rid of your headboard? Do you have a Restore near you? They are connected with Habitat for Humanity. It is a shame. We had a hard time getting anyone to take my dad's furniture too...Great pictures.

    1. Hi Peg, I'm not on Freecycle. Had a lot of problems with it. And the closest Restore is about 45 min. away. I wonder if they would pick it up? Guess I should make a phone call! Thanks for the idea.

  5. Melanie, I wish I had half the energy you have been using! Your home looks great and I especially like your kitty sitting on the dresser. So cute!

  6. I love the little table with the spider plants on it! It all looks great!

    1. Thanks, Manuela! I found that little table at the local antique mall.

  7. Your super strong to all this lifting.



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